Strathmore, Alberta wastewater facility designed in B.C.

A new wastewater treatment facility built for the Town of Strathmore is now in service.

STRATHMORE, AB, August 3, 2001 — A new wastewater treatment facility built for the Town of Strathmore is now in service.

The plant designed by Ecofluid Systems, Inc. of Vancouver, B.C., incorporates their patented, proven USBF (Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration) process.

The USBF technology ensures high quality effluent that meets or exceeds typical regulatory requirements including phosphorus and nitrogen reduction.

The plant is designed to treat an average wastewater flow of 4,000 m3/d (1 million gallons/day) for Strathmore's rapidly growing population and will be operated by EPCOR. Due to the modular design of the USBF system, the plant can be readily expanded to meet future growth in a cost-effective manner.

This plant will meet the immediate and long-term wastewater treatment needs for residential and business development.

"We are pleased with the results reported to date," said Karel Galland, P.Eng, and President of Ecofluid.

The Ecofluid USBF process is the result of over forty years of research and development, testing and practical experience. It is a modification of the conventional activated sludge process that incorporates an anoxic selector zone and an USBF clarifier in one integrated bioreactor vessel. This compact, modular system takes up significantly less space and contains few moving parts. The result is an efficient, highly affordable wastewater treatment plant with low maintenance and operating costs.

USBF technology has no inherent capacity limits and is used in a wide range of applications. Plants serving the domestic and municipal sectors designed for treating industrial, food processing and agricultural wastewater are in successful operation around the world. Ecofluid has established an impressive international reputation for its USBF process.

Elegantly designed, simple and highly cost-effective, it is making a significant impact on the wastewater treatment industry. In a 1995 report to United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Dr. Lawrence K. Wang called it "state-of the-art.... an important environmental engineering process revolution."

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