'Tastier' new residential water service now being offered by San Jose Water Co.

Crystal Choice Water Service, the joint venture company created by San Jose Water Co. and Kinetico Inc. has launched a program to bring better tasting and softer water to its San Jose-area customers.

CAMPBELL, Calif., Jan. 29, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE)—Crystal Choice Water Service, the new joint venture company created by San Jose Water Co. and Kinetico Inc., a leading manufacturer of water treatment products, has launched a program to bring better tasting and softer water to its San Jose-area customers.

The new service, available now, follows a successful test marketing effort conducted in the area last year.

"Research confirmed that our customers wanted even "tastier" water for drinking and home use than that currently provided, even though current water exceeds all drinking water standards and has for decades," said Dr. Scott Yoo, vice president of water quality for San Jose Water Co. "We decided it just made good sense for us to offer this service directly since a majority of our customers had already taken some supplementary steps to improve water taste and soften their home water.

"When customers were asked if they would prefer a water treatment option through us, the San Jose Water Co., they responded favorably," Yoo explained. "San Jose Water Co. chose to partner with Ohio-based Kinetico Inc., the equipment supplier, because they are the best in the business," Yoo said.

Residents in the San Jose Water Company's service area can now rent or purchase a Waterplant™ total home water treatment system from Crystal Choice as part of the additional new service from San Jose Water Co. The system consists of a combination whole house chlorine removal, water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Last year, Crystal Choice conducted a test market of its products in the Willow Glen, Almaden and Alum Rock sections of San Jose and in Los Gatos. Acceptance was very favorable. And many customers noted that the service would save them the time and hassle of shopping around for alternatives. They also felt a higher level of trust associated with the utility's ability to meet all their water needs.

"We believe that San Jose Water Co. is the first water utility in the country to give water customers this type of option," said Gary Martin, Kinetico's director of residential and commercial sales. "The company is already delivering high quality water and service, but it can now offer its customers an attractive additional service," he said.

Crystal Choice is located at 555 West Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA 95008. Its sales and service arm can be contacted at 408-364-2675, fax: 408-364-2669, and email: www.crystalchoicewater.com.

San Jose Water Co. was founded in 1866. It serves a population of approximately one million people living in a 134-square mile area in metro San Jose, CA.

Kinetico Inc. is headquartered in Newbury, Ohio. Its network of dealers serve residential and light commercial customers throughout North America and internationally.

Since 1970, the firm has prided itself on creating unique water processing systems that serve customers in an expanding variety of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

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