AquaCell acquires Water Science Technologies, Inc.

AquaCell announced today that it has acquired Arizona based Water Science Technologies, Inc. (WST) in an all-stock transaction.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Oct. 29, 2001 — AquaCell announced today that it has acquired Arizona based Water Science Technologies, Inc. (WST) in an all-stock transaction.

Its founder, who will remain with the company, has 20 years experience in the water treatment industry with degrees in both Aquatic Biology and Chemistry.

"Given the vast experience and products engineered and manufactured by WST, this acquisition will enable AquaCell to be a full service water treatment and purification company", said James C. Witham, Chairman and CEO of AquaCell. "In our desire to expand our operation and product line, we sought to find a company that based its products and services on sound scientific principles, as we have seen far too many companies in this industry being run by people without an understanding of the science behind water treatment and purification. We feel that in the future, any company in the water industry not founded upon solid science, will not be able to survive."

Witham continued, "The tragic events of September 11th have brought to the forefront the vulnerability of our drinking water systems. The realization is now focused on the fact that we cannot live without water, and that we can no longer take our drinking water for granted. The much needed funding for upgrading water treatment facilities is now being made available, and through this acquisition, AquaCell will be able to participate in the rebuilding of infrastructure, both in the United States and abroad."

Included in this acquisition is the Safe Water division of WST, which manufactures water purification and automated bottling systems for water bottling plants, which have been sold around the world.

WST provides a wide range of products and services for water purification and treatment, through systems capable of treating from ten to millions of gallons of water per day to address industrial, commercial, institutional and residential needs. The product line is comprised of both standard systems for conventional needs, as well as custom designed systems built to address particular situations. The company provides full services for each system - including design, evaluation, production, installation, maintenance and training - employing one or more of the following technologies: Dealkalization, deionization, desalination, carbon filtration ozonation reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration ultraviolet disinfection and water softening.

WST has installed systems around the world for a broad-range of companies such as Intel, Motorola, National Semiconductors, General Motors, Nissan, Honeywell, Smith Foods, and the Phoenician Resort.

Introducing AquaCell

AquaCell, based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, manufactures products for water filtration and purification through its two operating subsidiaries, Global Water-Aquacell, Inc. and Water Science Technologies, Inc. Its products address various water treatment applications for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications. These applications range from providing purified drinking water - through its point-of-use patented self-filling Purific® Water Cooler and production of water bottling plant equipment- to processing water for ultra-pure purposes, such as micro-chip and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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