City of Austin selects stormwater analysis and design software

The City of Austin selected Haestad Methods' stormwater management software to aid in a citywide initiative to build a disaster-resistant community,

WATERBURY, Conn., Oct. 10, 2001 — The City of Austin selected Haestad Methods' stormwater management software to aid in a citywide initiative to build a disaster-resistant community,

Haestad Methods announced today. StormCAD®, a comprehensive modeling program for stormwater management, will be used to address the city's storm drain improvement needs in an effort to reduce the impact of flooding conditions for Austin's half-million residents.

The Watershed Protection and Development Review Department of the City of Austin is dedicated to developing master plans for all watersheds in and around flood-prone areas of the city. These plans typically include hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, flood plain mapping, and planning information for regional drainage improvements.

"After evaluating several other stormwater packages, we chose Haestad Methods' StormCAD modeling program to analyze and design our storm-drain systems. This application will help us significantly improve the storm-drain management process throughout the region," said David Walker, P.E., for the Watershed Protection and Development Review Department.

"The City of Austin has a high comfort level with StormCAD because it provides an easy-to-use analysis and design interface," said Nikki Beckom, Strategic Account Manager and Director of Continuing Education for Haestad Methods. "StormCAD's complete management package includes advanced features integral to storm sewer modeling, such as GIS mapping, plan and profile development, scenario management, results presentation, and enterprise-wide data sharing and exchange."

The City of Austin took advantage of an on-site StormCAD training session and a one-year subscription to Haestad Methods' ClientCare™ software maintenance program. ClientCare provides technical support 24 hours a day and automatic software upgrades and updates.

About StormCAD

StormCAD is a comprehensive modeling software program for the design and analysis of storm sewer systems. Available as a Stand-Alone application or for AutoCAD, StormCAD provides calculations for catchment runoff, gutters, inlets, junctions, pipelines, and outfalls.

This system includes fully automated design features for construction elements, scenario and data management, and reporting capabilities. The StormCAD package includes a one-year subscription to ClientCare maintenance and technical support.

About City of Austin

The City of Austin's watershed management programs address three primary needs in order to protect lives, property, and the environment; reducing the impact of flooding, controlling stream bank erosion, and reducing water pollution. Department programs include flood control, water quality protection, erosion control, maintenance, regulation, and master planning. For more information visit

About Haestad Methods

Haestad Methods is a provider of hydrologic and hydraulic computer modeling applications for the civil engineering industry.

Founded in 1979, Haestad Methods provides modeling software, Internet portals, IACET-certified and PDRES-accredited continuing education workshops, and computer-assisted modeling textbooks and publications that empower more than 115,000 engineers in over 170 countries to more efficiently design, map, manage, and plan their projects.

For more information, call Haestad Methods at 800-727-6555 (U.S.A. and Canada) or +1-203-755-1666 (worldwide), email, or visit

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