Reducing water leakage on Malaysian network

March 11, 2011
Mar. 11, 2011 -- i2O Water's technology to reduce water leakage is making a difference to water supplies in Malaysia...

Mar. 11, 2011 -- i2O Water's cutting-edge technology to reduce water leakage is making a real difference to water supplies in Malaysia.

In 2010, i2O Water installed 50 of its advanced pressure management systems for SYABAS in Selangor, Malaysia, working with i2O's local partner, non-revenue water specialist company Jalur Cahaya Sdn Bhd.

The i2O systems, installed on the SYABAS network as part of the first phase of a major water-saving programme, are now saving a massive 10.5 million litres per day.

The 50 District Metering Areas (DMAs) in Selangor where i2O systems have been installed have achieved significant results. These are beyond the expected target and represent an average 27 per cent reduction in leakage.

Jalur Cahaya was so impressed by these results that the company ordered a further 50 i2O systems. These were installed early this year (2011) and are expected to save a further 7.5 million litres of water per day.

"We are delighted that our technology for monitoring and controlling water networks to reduce leakage and bursts is making such a big difference in Malaysia, and saving impressive amounts of water," said Adam Kingdon, CEO of i2O Water.

"Our engineering team has developed a fantastically innovative solution to the massive worldwide problem of water leakage and we believe it will have a huge impact in the coming years."

i2O Water is based at the University of Southampton Science Park in Southampton and employs 35 people. It prides itself on being a forward-thinking UK company that has designed cutting-edge technology to tackle the worldwide problem of water leakage.

i2O Water's technology has been installed across the UK and worldwide. Systems have been installed in Spain, Italy, Mexico, South Africa and the Philippines, as well as Malaysia.


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