Water system modernization planned in Kenya

Jan. 11, 2011
WEST PALM BEACH, FL, Jan. 10, 2011 -- Florida based GreenWorld Development is in negotiations to modernize the Kenyan water system...

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, Jan. 10, 2011 -- Florida based GreenWorld Development Inc., (OTCBB: FRXP) the American-Irish "Green and Health Technologies" conglomerate, is in negotiations to modernize the Kenyan water system.

Clean water is becoming more and more of a rare asset -- especially in Sub-Sahara Africa. GreenWorld Development Inc. (Ticker Symbol: FRXP) has entered into negotiations with global players in the water technology industry to support the Kenyan water systems.

"We are currently setting up GreenWorld Kenya Limited in Nairobi," says GreenWorld CEO Leo J. Heinl. "GreenWorld Kenya will be responsible for consultancies and project management in water extension and purification in Kenya, and will then extend its services to the other member countries of the East African Community." Besides adding a rewarding business to its global activities, GreenWorld management considers this to be an important contribution to improve living conditions in Africa.

The population of Kenya is almost 40 million, whereby 78% are living rurally, and only 38-52% have access to safe water. Kenya is a fast growing emerging market with ambitious urbanization and resettlement requirements with a booming housing construction market. This will increase the demand for readily available safe drinking and service water. The modernization role-out will need to be phased over 3-5 years, of which phase one will require an investment of $35 - $50 million USD. GreenWorld will provide a variety of solutions, from water exploration to purification, recycling, rehabilitation of existing infrastructures to usage metering and payment systems. GreenWorld's expected and ongoing revenues will be a mixture of consultancy fees, commissions, royalties, as well as participating in PPP's (Public Private Partnerships) water supply.

GreenWorld Development Inc. is listed on the US OTC Bulletin Board (Symbol: FRXP). The company is dedicated to develop innovative, competitive and sustainable products for efficiency goods and services and to support the "Smart Green Economy." Its main focus is Pharmaceutical/healthcare, Carbon emission technologies and trading, R&D in alternative, sustainable innovative, competitive and environmentally friendly technologies along with Emerging market consultancy.