Water leaders to discuss future of water sector innovation at Ontario summit

April 25, 2011
TORONTO, ONTARIO, April 25, 2011 -- The Ontario Global Water Leadership Summit will provide an interactive two-day forum in which the world's water leaders come together to address the opportunities and challenges presented by this sector...
TORONTO, ONTARIO, April 25, 2011 -- Clean water is emerging as the next great challenge for the world's corporations, governments and communities -- and as such, it also presents a significant business opportunity. Water infrastructure, waste water management and water purification are beginning to drive levels of investment comparable to renewable energy with $22 trillion USD expected to be spent on this sector worldwide over the next 20 years. The Ontario Global Water Leadership Summit has been organized to create an interactive two-day forum in which the world's water leaders come together to address the opportunities and challenges presented by this sector, and to form new collaborations and relationships.

Leveraging the cluster of water sector expertise, academic rigor and entrepreneurial success that has emerged in Ontario, Canada, the international community's top thought leaders, CEOs, technology pioneers and researchers are gathering in Toronto on May 17-18, 2011 to spotlight the issues the water sector is facing, and the opportunities for the business community. Participants will join other world-leading water innovators, funders, thinkers, catalysts, entrepreneurs and researchers to participate in an interactive dialogue on the future of innovation in the water sector.

"Ontario's Global Water Leadership Summit points to the importance of the global water market and strengthens Ontario's position as a leader in water innovation," said Sandra Pupatello, Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Trade. "Ontario is home to some of the most advanced R&D and innovative water technologies so we look forward to showing the world what we have to offer."

"Ontario is the North American water capital thanks to the presence of world-class water technology researchers and entrepreneurs and a growing partnership with global leaders in water innovation," said Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation Glen Murray.

"Water as an economic opportunity is hugely undervalued," recounts Dave Henderson, Managing Director of XPV Capital Corporation. "We regularly identify significant emerging investment opportunities for private investors, technology developers and large corporations to do well by doing good, and make a difference to the enormous clean water shortages predicted for both the short- and the long-term around the world."

"While water continues to be perceived as a challenging area by many investors, we believe a number of factors are working to create tremendous opportunities in water markets, says Sheeraz Haji, CEO of Cleantech Group. "For example, big companies are increasingly paying attention to their water use within their operations and across their supply chains."

"Water is not just a third world problem, or a public sector issue -- it's becoming a new engine for jobs," said Laura Shenkar, founding principal of The Artemis Project, one of the conference organizers and the driving force behind the Artemis Project Top 50 Water Tech listing. "The Artemis Top 50 has become the water industry's benchmark for recognizing innovation that will matter. It identifies the entrepreneurs that are applying technology to meet the world's toughest water challenges. We are excited to be bringing the water tech Top 50 companies to learn more about Ontario's visionary strategy for building a water tech industry."

About the Ontario Global Water Leadership Summit
The Ontario Global Water Leadership Summit will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on May 17-18, 2011. World-leading water innovators, funders, thinkers, catalysts, entrepreneurs and researchers will participate in a meaningful and interactive dialogue on the future of innovation in the water sector. Networking, idea development and panel discussions will ensure that participants from multiple perspectives leave the conference with new ideas, investment opportunities and information. Space is limited and participation is by invitation; for more information on participating in the event or to request an invitation, please follow this link. The conference organizers include the Government of Ontario, Canada; XPV Capital Corporation; The Artemis Project; cleantech group; and Ontario Centres of Excellence. More than 25 speakers have been confirmed from the sector's pioneers and thought leaders.

About XPV Capital
XPV Capital Corporation is a Toronto-based investment firm focused on making a difference in water. By combining proven water entrepreneurs with seasoned investment professionals, XPV is a true value added financial partner for both investors and companies aiming to capitalize on the sweeping transformation taking place in the global water industry.

About Cleantech Group
Cleantech Group is a trusted provider of market intelligence on companies across the cleantech spectrum. Our leading analyst team covers sectors such as energy efficiency, smart grid, energy storage, water, and green transportation. Cleantech Group helps global business leaders, including corporations, investors, entrepreneurs, governments and service providers, make smarter, more strategic decisions involving clean technologies. Cleantech Group also produces the premier Cleantech Forum® and Focus™ events worldwide, including upcoming events in Amsterdam, Toronto and San Francisco. Details are available at http://cleantech.com.

About The Artemis Project
The Artemis Project™ is a boutique consulting practice dedicated to helping companies thrive in a world of increasing water scarcity. Artemis operates at the intersection of corporate strategy, advanced technology, investment and policy. They work with global corporations to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through operational excellence in water management. Artemis assists advanced water technology companies in maximizing the value they bring to their customers.


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