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Oil skimmerAbanaki Corporation offers the Grease Grabber® oil skimmer, specially designed for the harsh conditions of the steel making industry where heavy greases and oils accumulate in the steel-mill scale pit. The skimmer is used to remove grease from steel mill wastewater and recirculating water systems, eliminating the cost of sucker truck disposal and protecting expensive sand filtration systems. Abanaki Corp., Chagrin Falls, OH, 800-358- 7546,

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Baswood Corp., a provider of industrial wastewater pretreatment systems, has introduced the new BioViper™ pilot system, a mobile unit used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology on effluent from food & beverage plants. The BioViper™ delivers significantly lower lifecycle costs, in a smaller footprint than competing technologies. It requires 40% less energy, produces minimal solids, while operating virtually odor free. Based on the company's Aerobic/Anaerobic Integrated Microbial Succession (AIMS) technology and "Dry Cycle" process, the system reduces biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD/COD) in wastewater from the food & beverage industry. Baswood Corp., 888-524-2822,

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Corzan® HP pipe and fittings have a 25 percent higher pressure rating than standard CPVC at 180°F (82°C). In addition, the HP fittings are pressure rated to the same rating as the pipe to make the system a fully pressure rated schedule 40/80 piping system. The pipe also has been certified to the higher cell class of 24448 as defined by ASTM D1784. Only Lubrizol CPVC compounds have been tested and certified by a third-party testing lab as meeting this higher cell class. Lubrizol Corp., 888-234-2436,

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ITT has introduced its new Bell & Gossett Impact™ series of high-efficiency submersible wastewater pumps that are designed for use in commercial and building services applications. Featuring Bell & Gossett's self-cleaning impeller and casing, the pumps are specifically configured to process solids more easily and reduce clogging while improving hydraulic efficiency. The air-filled motor, dual mechanical seal and specially designed seal chamber improve overall pump efficiency and durability, resulting in less wear of pump components over longer periods of time, reducing both maintenance and energy costs. Bell & Gossett, a brand of ITT Corp., Morton Grove, IL, www.bellgossettcom

Pennwell web 167 100Open top tanks
Assmann Corp. offers open top tanks molded from a choice of virgin high density cross-link or NSF/ANSI 61 certified linear polyethylene. Typically used as day tanks or mixing vessels, these flat bottom vertical tanks are equipped with shoe-box style covers and are molded with a stiffening lip on top to give the tank rigidity. A unique design allows the lid to be hinged and stay open. Features include uniform thickness, optional stainless steel and mild steel epoxy coated agitator support stands and optional stainless steel or polyethylene hinge. Assmann Corp. of America, Garrett, IN, 888-357-3181,

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JM Science's new Aquacounter® Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator (AQV-2200S) is suited for a very wide range of applications from 100 ppm to 100% water content. The new titrator is ideal for users who have many kinds of samples to be analyzed and exchange KF reagents frequently or after each measurement. The small volume titration cell requires only 20mL of titration solvent for accurate measurements. Less reagent volume reduces waste and is easy to replace with fresh solvent for the next measurement. JM Science Inc., 800-495-1678,

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The new Barco E-75 RS Plus rotary union is designed for improved reliability in: steel mill, rubber, printing, plastics and paper mill processing applications. The new union has the advantage of a Nitrotec™ surface treatment. Nitrotec is an all gaseous surface treatment process that increases the wear and corrosion resistance of the unions. The unions feature dry run capability and silicon carbide to carbon graphite mechanical seals. Tapped vents in the housing protects bearings from grease washout, and can protect the seals from external contamination. Special models for chill water applications are design to protect bearings from condensation. Barco, Chicago, IL, 847-516-0900,

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ITT has enhanced its Goulds Pumps line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps with the introduction of new e-SV™ models. Featuring an innovative hydraulic design and efficiency characteristics that lower lifecycle costs and increase energy savings, the pumps are suited for a wide variety of applications. The new pumps also have a number of design innovations that simplify installation and reduce maintenance time. Goulds Pumps, a brand of ITT Corp.,

Pennwell web 94 120Steam boilers
Miura has introduced its next generation LX-300 model boiler. This 300 BHP gas-fired, on-demand, ultra-low NOx steam generator features a single pressure vessel, zero side-clearance design that offers a compact footprint for point-of-use applications with the flexibility to link together multiple modules. This modular design is well-suited for multiple-installation boiler plants in such larger-scale facilities as hospitals, factories and college/university campus district-energy installations. Miura Boiler, Atlanta, GA, 888-309-5574,

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