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Content Dam Iww Volume 16 Issue 5 1609iwwres P01

Name changeContent Dam Iww Volume 16 Issue 5 1609iwwres P01

1804 Operating, a leader in long-term water disposal solutions, will now do business as Goodnight Midstream. A new logo, corporate identity and website accompany the name change. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Goodnight Midstream built its first water infrastructure in 2011 and has grown to become a leading independent water gathering and disposal service provider for producers in the Bakken. Goodnight Midstream now owns more than 150 miles of saltwater gathering pipelines connected to a network of 16 saltwater disposal facilities in North Dakota.

Goodnight Midstream

Smartphone app1609iwwres P02

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has expanded access of its water and wastewater app to smartphone users, making protective coating recommendations readily available to users anywhere. The app provides on-the-go protective coating recommendations for more than 35 functional areas across six water and wastewater operations. Recommendations include the primary coating system to use, the appropriate dry film thickness for each coat, and the total mils for the system. Results also include surface preparation tips, descriptions of coating application processes and links to product data sheets.

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

Belted drive online selection tool1609iwwres P03

TB Wood’s has recently introduced more enhancements to its popular online Belted Drive Selection Program at The improved online program now checks the arm/web strength of a sheave/sprocket along with the bushing torque rating for suitability of the application. The program will now automatically drop bushing solutions with torque ratings that are inappropriate and notify the user to “Evaluate peak torque applied to the bushing” to verify acceptability of the application for bushing solutions that are marginal. The enhanced web-based tool works on PC, tablet or Mac platforms. Users can display relative and quote pricing.

TB Wood’s

New website1609iwwres P04

Applied Industrial Technologies has launched a new e-commerce website providing visitors with a unique, user-friendly experience to quickly find the industrial MRO products and information they need. The redesigned site includes improved navigation and interactive functionality throughout, with full access to detailed product and order information. The site is designed to make finding and purchasing products both fast and convenient. Simplified search and navigation allows visitors to shop by product category, brand, part number and/or keyword phrase. Customers can also take advantage of parametric filters to narrow their search results based on key attributes, making product selection even easier.

Applied Industrial Technologies

Company video1609iwwres P05

Super Products LLC recently produced a company profile video that highlights its equipment offering; product design and engineering procedures; manufacturing processes; and custom support department. Headquartered near Milwaukee, Wis., Super Products LLC has been a leading manufacturer of innovative truck-mounted vacuum equipment for municipal, utility, industrial and contractor use since 1972. Its line of Supersucker® industrial vacuum loaders, Camel® sewer and catch basin cleaners, Mud Dog® hydro excavators, and Durasucker® liquid vacuum trucks are recognized for their high quality, durability and ease of operation.

Super Products LLC

Video resources1609iwwres P06

Val-Matic now has a library of reference videos. A wide range of topics are covered, including how an air valve works, coating adhesion, and making your system safe with an inflow preventer. If you are curious about how you can reduce slam with a Val-Matic check valve, protect your system with Val-Matic pump controls, provide power supply with Val-Matic accumulators or even just learn more about Val-Matic, the videos are available for viewing now.


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