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Collection of new products of special interest to the industrial water and wastewater markets.

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Air stripperContent Dam Iww Volume 17 Issue 1 1701iwwshw P01

The E-Z Tray® Air Stripper is a sliding tray, stainless steel air stripper ideal for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated groundwater and waste streams. As contaminated groundwater enters through the top of the air stripper, air bubbles are forced by blower pressure up through the perforated trays. This creates a turbulent froth zone with an extremely high air-to-liquid surface area for mass transfer of VOCs from liquid to air. Using the froth instead of a conventional tower packing delivers high VOC removal efficiencies, even under fouling conditions. The system is easy to inspect and maintain, even during use.

QED Environmental Systems

Ion exchange resinsContent Dam Iww Volume 17 Issue 1 1701iwwshw P02

DOWEX MARATHON™ ion exchange resins from Dow Water & Process Solutions feature uniform beads that exhibit faster kinetics than conventionally sized resins and help improve regeneration efficiency and increase operating capacity. Products include a suite of strong and weak acid cation exchange resins, and strong and weak base anion exchange resins for use in both packed bed and layered bed systems. The lineup allows operators to use the best combination of resins with their vessel type to achieve extremely low unit cost of demineralized water, high regenerability, and reduced waste volume.

Dow Water & Process Solutions

Slurry and digestate processing systemContent Dam Iww Volume 17 Issue 1 1701iwwshw P03

Kumac, WELTEC BIOPOWER’s slurry and digestate processing system, is a fully automated processing system that reduces liquid manure and digestate volume by 50 percent. In a four-stage procedure, clear water, liquid fertilizer concentrate and valuable solid matter are extracted from the source material. The processing system represents a sustainable, economic solution for mitigating the impact of the nutrient surplus by reducing the volume of slurry and improving its transportability.


Flowmeter verification toolContent Dam Iww Volume 17 Issue 1 1701iwwshw P04

KROHNE’s OPTICHECK flowmeter verification tool provides in-situ verification for mass and other flowmeters. It enables operators to perform preventive maintenance and responsive service to ensure that installed flowmeters are performing to specification. When the tool is connected in-line on site, it gathers measuring data to ensure that the flowmeter is performing within 1% of the factory calibration with a confidence level of 95%. The baseline for comparison can be historic repair data from the factory or on-site test results after performing a full verification. The device comes with all cables and accessories for easy connection and handling.


Automatic volumetric feederContent Dam Iww Volume 17 Issue 1 1701iwwshw P05

Scaletron Industries has introduced a new line of volumetric screw feeders for metered dispensing of powdered or pelletized chemicals into water, wastewater and chemical treatment processes. The Model VMF-28™ auger-style feeders feature a fully integrated Scaletron scale. Precise dosage amounts are automatically weighed and added to treatment processes without requiring an operator to measure and weigh amounts. Data is displayed at a central monitoring station where operators can quickly make adjustments as necessary from the control panel. Besides saving operators time, the new VMF feeders improve accuracy because the integrated scale continually monitors weight loss or gain.

Scaletron Industries Ltd.

Industrial pH analyzer systemContent Dam Iww Volume 17 Issue 1 1701iwwshw P06

The new Application-Specific Industrial pH Analyzer System from Electro-Chemical Devices is ideal for rugged industrial process and plant environments, delivering superior accuracy, flexibility, economy and long life. ECD’s intelligent plug-and-play S80 sensors come with replaceable cartridges and are available in 10 different application-specific pH electrode configurations to support the most popular industrial process and plant applications in water and wastewater treatment. The sensors are available in a standard 0.75-inch diameter insertion/submersion configuration with threaded compression fittings or a valve retractable configuration. Standard construction is 316L stainless steel. Heavy duty materials available include Monel, titanium, and Hastelloy bodies.

Electro-Chemical Devices

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