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Collection of new products of special interest to the industrial water and wastewater markets.

Axeon Membranes

RO systems

AXEON X2 Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered and manufactured to produce high purity water by reducing dissolved minerals, bacteria and organic impurities with product water outputs from 57,600 - 468,000 gpd. These high efficiency systems use low energy, high rejection, thin film composite 8" diameter, 40" long membranes. The systems feature a sleek design and are manufactured in a skid frame assembly for ease of installation. AXEON Water

Bulk bag conditioner

Flexicon Lift Hi2A new Block-Buster™ Bulk Bag Conditioner from Flexicon features a hydraulically actuated, variable-height turntable for automated in-frame bag rotation and conditioning of bulk bags at varying heights. The number and pressure of hydraulic ram actuations, the height of the turntable, and the degree of rotation are user-programmable. Two hydraulic rams with specially contoured end plates, press opposing sides and corners of bulk bags, loosening material that has solidified during storage and shipment, enabling bulk bag unloaders to discharge it through bag spouts.

Alkaline neutralization

Linde SolvocarbThe Solvocarb ® process from Linde North America is an economical way for process industries to neutralize alkaline wastewater with a high degree of control using carbon dioxide. The process injects the inert gas into the process wastewater, and includes the Linde CO2 gas supply and metering system. When dissolved in water, CO2 forms carbonic acid to quickly reduce pH to appropriate levels for discharge.
Linde North

Remote valve testing

Netherlocks FaithNetherlocks Faith Partial Stroke Test system can now remotely conduct online tests of emergency shutdown (ESD) and high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) valves. Operators can reduce degradation and ensure the proper operation of emergency valves from the safety of the control room. The system uses a simple design for reliable operation and integrates into a valve's static and dynamic couplings. Its mechanical steel blocking pins ensure that valves cannot be operated past the preset test angle to eliminate the risk of overshoot or process interruption.

Ceramic membranes

Sje EfsThe Ceramic Filtration Solutions™ group at SJE-Rhombus has introduced a new Engineered Filtration System (EFS) including ceramic flat sheet membranes, pre-assembled filtration components and fully automated controls. The compact frame mounted system is installer friendly, and provides easy connections from membrane towers to filtration components.

Sanitizing agent

Spx ApvAPV FX SafeWater from SPX produces Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is a weak acid, and a powerful sanitizer and cleaning agent that is substantially more effective than hypochlorite. It sanitizes process equipment rapidly and effectively without the need for heating, which substantially lowers safety risks during handling.
SPX Flow

Disc filter

Kruger Gryaab TilleHydrotech Discfilters from Kruger offer high filtration capacity, low energy usage, and a very small footprint. Woven cloth elements are installed vertically on multiple discs, allowing the system to provide a large filtration area with a footprint about 75% smaller than traditional sand filters. The Discfilter is ideal for effluent polishing from a variety of process trains, including activated sludge, high rate clarification, MBBR, RBC, trickling filter, etc. The systems are used to produce reuse quality effluent and achieve phosphorus concentrations < 0.1 mg/L.

Drum pump

Vanton Drum Pump HiThe portable, non-metallic Flex-I-Liner® rotary peristaltic pump from Vanton evacuates drums and totes containing acids, caustics, salts, chlorides and reagent grade chemicals, without corrosion of the pump or contamination of the fluid. The self-priming design has no seals to leak or valves to clog, and can run dry for extended periods without damage. Compact in size with integral handle, it fits on drum lids without protruding, and has sufficient lift characteristics to operate from the floor, skid, or stand.
Vanton Pump & Equipment

Tank cleaning system

Bete Hydrowhirlorbitor 4x5The New HydroWhirl™ Orbitor is a versatile Clean-In-Place (CIP) rotating tank cleaning machine that offers high impact cleaning efficiency. It is ideal for large tanks (up to 130 ft. in diameter) often found in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The system has a minimum number of moving parts and can be completely stripped and rebuilt for maintenance on-site in less than 15 minutes. The Orbitor is self-cleaning and media lubricated. The materials of construction make it safe for use in hazardous areas.
BETE Fog Nozzle Inc.

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