Safeguard subsidiary provides security design services for Dallas wastewater treatment plant

April 21, 2009
Safeguard Security Holdings subsidiary, Acquient Security Consulting, will design the Closed Circuit Surveillance Camera System which is part of the Dallas Central WWTP multi-million dollar rehabilitation...

DALLAS, TX, Apr. 21, 2009 -- Safeguard Security Holdings Inc., a provider of corporate and industrial security systems and personnel, announces that its subsidiary, Acquient Security Consulting Inc., received a contract with Carollo Engineers for the Detailed Design of the Closed Circuit Surveillance Camera System (CCTV) which is part of the Dallas Central WWTP multi-million dollar Major Maintenance and Rehabilitation Improvements Projects in Dallas, Texas.

Carollo Engineers is an environmental engineering firm specializing in the planning, design, and construction of water and wastewater facilities. They are the largest firm in the United States that is dedicated solely to water and wastewater treatment. The firm, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, currently maintains 28 offices in 12 states. While most of Carollo's influence is on the west coast, Carollo holds itself as a national player in the field with offices reaching all the way to Florida.

The City of Dallas has two major wastewater treatment facilities, Dallas Central and Dallas South Side. The two facilities are capable of processing 260 million gallons of wastewater per day. Dallas Central is the larger of the two treatment plants and it is currently undergoing a major maintenance and rehabilitation improvement program.

This Security Design Project had two independent contracts for the complete design cycle. The First Phase was a study contract to provide a security assessment of the facility and to develop an installation budget for the project. In the Second Phase, engineering personnel from Acquient provided the detailed design drawings and specifications for the camera system and its associated communication, positioning, recording and displaying system and construction monitoring which is currently underway.

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