Calif. water district licenses Lawson suite to replace legacy business system

May 14, 2009
Rancho California Water District has licensed Lawson QuickStep Government suite to replace its legacy business system with a consolidated financial, procurement and human resources system...

TEMECULA, CA, May 14, 2009 -- Lawson Software announced that Rancho California Water District licensed Lawson QuickStep Government, including the Lawson S3 Enterprise Financial Management, Lawson Contract Management and Lawson Human Resource Management suites. The contract was signed during Lawson's third quarter of fiscal 2009, which ended Feb. 28, 2009. Lawson Professional Services will provide implementation support for the project.

Formed in 1965, Rancho California Water District serves the city of Temecula, portions of the city of Murrieta and unincorporated areas of southwest Riverside County in California. The Rancho California Water District is committed to ensuring a safe and reliable water supply for more than 120,000 people living within its service area.

Rancho California Water District chose Lawson to replace its legacy business system with a consolidated financial, procurement and human resources system. The comprehensive Lawson system will provide the district with business intelligence functionality and organization-wide reporting, helping employees gain quick access to the information they need for sound decision making and better revenue tracking.

"Lawson didn't just tell us about the value their system would provide, they showed us how the Lawson system could help us run our business more economically and efficiently," said Jason Martin, information technology and customer service manager, Rancho California Water District.

"Lawson's emphasis on low total cost of ownership, its strong reputation with other water districts in the area and advanced workflow and business intelligence capabilities were major factors in our decision."

Rancho California Water District chose Lawson QuickStep Government to help reduce the time and cost of deploying the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Lawson QuickStep Government combines government-specific content with built-in business best practices based on Lawson's expertise regarding technology for the public sector and the company's proven implementation methodology. The application package includes pre-configured key business processes and access to more than 100 learning simulations to help get employees up to speed on the new Lawson system and address other change management needs.

"During challenging economic times, water districts like Rancho California can benefit from investing in a modern software system that helps make the daily business of providing the city with water more efficient -- helping to save time and money," said Cheryl Turk-Peterson, marketing director, public sector, Lawson. "We help a wide range of public sector organizations, including water districts, streamline business processes. This can ultimately help employees quickly get the information they need so they can focus more resources on serving their communities."

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