Matrikon, Wurldtech agreement to address cyber risk in industrial automation systems

May 18, 2009
Wurldtech Security Technologies has formed a strategic cooperative agreement with OPC vendor Matrikon...

VANCOUVER, BC, Canada, May 18, 2009 -- Wurldtech Security Technologies, a leading provider of cyber risk and compliance management solutions for industrial automation industries, announced today it has formed a strategic cooperative agreement with Matrikon™, the world's leading OPC vendor. The scope of the alliance is to incorporate Wurldtech's Achilles™ Satellite testing platform and certification program into MatrikonOPC's industry leading OPC solutions to address the evolving cyber risks facing operators of real-time industrial automation systems.

By augmenting their existing reliability and security best practices with Wurldtech's Achilles Satellite testing technology and certification methodologies, MatrikonOPC's Achilles Certified OPC servers will offer operators a greater level of assurance against unintentional threats, safety failures, and protection against intentional cyber-security events.

"MatrikonOPC is dedicated to providing the most robust security available for our OPC products. Our goal is to protect our customers from cyber risk and minimize the downtime of real-time industrial control systems environments," said Sean Leonard, VP of MatrikonOPC. "We have been very impressed with Wurldtech's Achilles technology and the wide-spread adoption of their certification program over the past few years and believe our new Achilles Certified OPC servers will meet the evolving demands of industrial automation and control systems customers."

Under the terms of the agreement, Wurldtech's Achilles cyber risk technology will be used to enhance the reliability and security of MatrikonOPC's OPC servers during the software development lifecycle. Wurldtech will develop test suites and a certification standard for MatrikonOPC's OPC Tunneller and OPC Server for Triconex. With these test suites, Wurldtech will test the protocols and provide the data required by MatrikonOPC to enhance the security of these products. Once the development work is complete, Wurldtech will certify the products as Achilles Level 1 Certified.

"The world's largest suppliers of critical control systems now know that they must build security into their products and develop new comprehensive approaches that integrate the right technology, test methodologies and best practices specific to industrial cyber risk management," said Tyler Williams, CEO and President of Wurldtech Security Technologies Inc. "We are extremely excited to partner with industry leader MatrikonOPC and look forward to assisting their OPC development teams as they integrate our Achilles technology into their software development lifecycle and adopt the latest security practices, ensuring their customers install the most reliable infrastructure available in the marketplace."

MatrikonOPC provides software to access device data using the OPC standard.

Wurldtech™ Security Technologies, headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a leading provider of cyber-risk and compliance management solutions for industrial automation industries worldwide.