WaterBriefs: RJN Group to de-combine basins in Chicago-area sewer system

Also in this report: WEF, Black & Veatch release Gulf Coast wastewater system damage report; Saluda Dam named ASCE Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement; IACC-18 issues call for papers; AMCO partners with Ferguson Waterworks; Met-Pro Duall's second aeration order tops $800K; Watts acquires China valve maker; Report: Industrial waste management outsourcing in Europe rises; SMT buys Silvan Industries; Calif. town can't discharge metals to sewer; Verano signs systems integrator in Lithuania...

In other news below:
-- WEF, Black & Veatch release new report on wastewater system damage in Gulf Coast
-- Saluda Dam named ASCE 2006 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement
-- International Activated Carbon Conference issues 2006 call for papers
-- AMCO Water partners with Ferguson Waterworks
-- Met-Pro's Duall Division order for groundwater remediation equipment exceeds $800,000
-- Watts Water Technologies completes acquisition of Changsha Valve Works
-- Report: Tighter regulations prompt industrial waste management outsourcing in Europe
-- SMT announces acquisition of Silvan Industries Inc.
-- Ridgecrest, Calif., ordered to stop discharging metals into sewer system
-- Verano signs new systems integrator in Lithuania

RJN Group Inc. plans to de-combine basins in Aurora's sewer infrastructure
WHEATON, IL, April 26, 2006 -- The city of Aurora, IL, recently selected RJN Group Inc. to assist in plans to de-combine basins 5, 6, and 13 of the city's sewer infrastructure. The current combined sewer conveys all stormwater and sanitary flows through a single conduit with storm catch basins and inlets directly connected to the system. Heavy rainfalls cause the system to back-up into residential basements and overflow into the Fox River through permitted combined sewer overflows.

For this project, RJN Group is responsible for field and underground investigations, developing hydraulic computer models for both the existing and the proposed sewer systems, and ascertaining the most cost-effective solutions to the overflow issues. The City's high priority project began in March 2006.

RJN Group Inc. (www.rjn.com) is a leader in providing engineering services and information technology software to municipal, county, state, and federal clients for the past 31 years. The firm is headquartered in Wheaton, Illinois with offices in Aurora, Collinsville, and Chicago, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas, Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Vienna, Virginia; and Baltimore, Maryland.

RJN provides public works engineering and information technology services for the development, maintenance, and management of municipal infrastructure systems including sewer, water, drainage, roads, bridges, and in addition, GIS services. Projects include engineering studies, preliminary and detailed design, construction engineering, and maintenance management. The firm provides the CASS WORKS® family of software products for tracking of asset inventories, maintenance activity, physical inspection and histories, and related management systems. RJN also provides CASSView™, a GIS deployment tool providing direct access to GIS, CASS WORKS, and other related data.

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Among other recent headlines:

WEF, Black & Veatch release new report on wastewater system damage in Gulf Coast -- ALEXANDRIA, VA, April 26, 2006 -- The Water Environment Foundation (WEF), in collaboration with Black & Veatch and several municipal water agencies, released a new report yesterday that assesses damage and reconstruction costs to wastewater systems affected by last year's Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast. In the aftermath of the hurricane, some treatment plants were completely destroyed while others -- including collection systems - sustained considerable damage. Although local utilities are working to meet immediate needs, they could face a prolonged period before receiving sufficient, long-term funding to restore full service to their customers. Prompted by the need for comprehensive data on the condition of these systems, WEF and Black & Veatch announced plans for an assessment in November 2005. The resulting report, "Assessment of Reconstruction Costs and Debt Management for Wastewater Utilities Affected by Hurricane Katrina" was presented to the Congress, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture...
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-- "Powell, FEMA release New Orleans advisory flood data; Amy Corps revises cost estimates for levees - Actions to spur rebuilding post-Katrina" (USACE)

Saluda Dam named ASCE 2006 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement -- RESTON, VA, April 26, 2006 -- After setting a North American record for the most roller compacted concrete placed in a single day -- 18,590 cubic yards -- Columbia, S.C.'s Saluda Dam Remediation Project has been honored with the American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) 2006 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) award. Presented this evening at the seventh annual Outstanding Projects and Leaders (OPAL) awards gala at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC, the OCEA award recognizes the project's significant contribution to the civil engineering profession and its local community. When SCE&G officials learned that their 1.5-mile-long, 200-foot-high Saluda Hydroelectric Project dam embankment could liquefy during a repeat of the 1886 Charleston earthquake, they knew something had to be done. However, whatever solution they developed had to keep a 78-square-mile reservoir rimmed with homes and businesses nearly full and keep a hydroelectric plant and coal-fired steam plant operational, all the while ensuring the safety of the 120,000 residents living in the floodplain. The result was a 1.3-million- cubic-yard RCC backup dam with zoned earthen abutments. The project's challenges prompted the patenting of a method of expeditiously placing filter zones and the design of a cooling method to enable concrete production during extremely high temperature...

International Activated Carbon Conference issues 2006 call for papers -- PITTSBURGH, PA, April 26, 2006 -- Professional Analytical and Consulting Services, Inc. (PACS) will host the 18th International Activated Carbon Conference and Short Courses Program (IACC&C-18) in Pittsburgh on Oct. 14-29. The carbon conferences target the interests of users and manufacturers of activated carbon and related sorbent materials. In the week prior to and after the two-day October 19-20 conference, 10 PACS short courses are offered. Activated carbon courses focus on aspects of using activated carbon: understanding concepts, sources and applications, selection of the best products for specific applications, adsorption system designs and operations, product certification at NSF, computational fluid dynamics and simulations, particle enlargement and much more. One-page abstracts for presentations can be sent to Barb@pacslabs.com by May 7. Nomination letters for Hall-of-Fame awardees at the carbon conferences also are being sought...

AMCO Water partners with Ferguson Waterworks -- Distributor will offer AMCO Water products -- OCALA, FL, April 26, 2006 - AMCO Water Metering Systems and Ferguson Waterworks are proud to announce a strategic partnership in California and Nevada. Ferguson Waterworks will represent AMCO Water's full product line of water meters and meter reading systems with 18 offices in the California market. This partnership provides municipalities and utilities with the largest "footprint" of local representation and inventory in California. No other Waterworks Distributor can match Ferguson's number of sales consultants, warehouse logistics & inventory systems and waterworks expertise. "We feel that Ferguson's extensive sales network and product expertise are a real asset to our growing company. This partnership will allow us to continue to provide the utility market with the best service and metering solutions," stated Mark Champagne, AMCO Water's vice president of sales & marketing...

Met-Pro's Duall Division order for groundwater remediation equipment exceeds $800,000 -- HARLEYSVILLE, PA, April 26, 2006 -- Met-Pro Corp. announced today that the company's Duall Division, in Owosso, MI, has received an order valued in excess of $800,000 to supply three aeration systems, complete with Duall scrubbers and fans, to a municipal water treatment facility in the U.S. Southeast. The order is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year ending Jan. 31. The aeration systems are designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolved gases from contaminated groundwater as part of the process designed to make the groundwater suitable for public use. Each aerator is designed to treat 6 mgd. All equipment will be constructed of Duall's NSF-approved DUALLast™ fiberglass reinforced plastic with thermoplastic inner liner and will be fabricated in Duall's Owosso manufacturing facility. This order follows a $1.2 million order for a similar, but larger system awarded last month to Duall Division. Both orders are scheduled to ship this year...

Watts Water Technologies completes acquisition of Changsha Valve Works -- NORTH ANDOVER, MA, April 26, 2006 -- Watts Water Technologies Inc. completed the acquisition of the assets and business of Changsha Valve Works located in Changsha, China. Changsha Valve Works is a leading manufacturer of large diameter hydraulic actuated butterfly valves for thermo-power and hydro-power plants, water distribution projects and water works projects in China...

Report: Tighter environmental, technical waste management regulations to encourage industrial waste management outsourcing in Europe -- LONDON, April 26, 2006 -- Growing legislative pressure in Europe to shift away from landfill disposal is supporting the development of on-site waste treatment facilities. Accordingly, stricter environmental and technical waste management regulations will create steady demand for treatment equipment and waste management specialists, contributing to strong revenue growth over the long-term. Frost & Sullivan finds that "Outsourcing Opportunities in the European Industrial Waste Management Markets" generated revenues of US$550 million in 2005 and estimates this to reach US$876.2 million in 2012. A successful history of outsourcing contracts has boosted the perception of contracting out non-core activities such as water, wastewater treatment and waste management to external specialists. Moreover, this externalization is expected to enhance on-site efficiency and production-related features by enabling industries to focus on core areas of expertise...

SMT announces acquisition of Silvan Industries Inc. -- TORONTO, Canada, April 26, 2006 -- Samuel Manu-Tech Inc. (SMT) today announced the signing of a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Silvan Industries Inc., a recognized leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of pressure vessels to major compressed air equipment and other industries in North America. This strategic acquisition complements SMT's existing Steel Fab operations in Virginia, allowing the company to expand its product range and to further grow its market share in the pressure vessel industry. With estimated 2005 sales of $30 million, Silvan has an excellent long-standing reputation in the pressure vessel industry and more recently, has been particularly successful in expanding into new markets such as water treatment and medical industries. Its operations date back almost 40 years, currently employing a workforce of close to 300 in its single plant in Marinette, WI. The transaction is structured as a 100% stock purchase for $22 million subject to certain adjustments for working capital items...

Ridgecrest, Calif., ordered to stop discharging metals into sewer system -- SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2006 -- The EPA recently ordered the city of Ridgecrest, CA, to investigate and address the discharge of metals to its sewer system. The order was issued after the city's wastewater treatment facility applied sewage sludge with excessive molybdenum concentrations to city-owned fields to be planted with animal fodder. Molybdenum is discharged as a waste product from cooling towers and other industrial sources. Ridgecrest's wastewater plant serves the China Lake Naval Weapons Center as well as the town of Ridgecrest. The metal is used in the manufacture of high-strength alloys and in high-temperature steels. City officials reported in their annual sewage sludge report molybdenum levels of 92 parts per million (ppm). The EPA's limit for the metal in sewage sludge is 75 ppm. Molybdenum levels in sewage sludge in most areas of California are between 5 and 20 ppm. Cows that have consumed plants grown in soils with high molybdenum levels can suffer from molybdenosis, where the animal is unable to absorb sufficient copper from their food. This copper deficiency can cause growth and reproductive problems. When treated and processed, sewage sludge becomes biosolids which can be safely recycled and applied as fertilizer to improve and maintain productive soils and stimulate plant growth. Only biosolids that meet stringent federal and state standards can be approved for use as a fertilizer. For more information on biosolids, please visit: www.epa.gov/owm/mtb/biosolids/...

Verano signs new systems integrator in Lithuania -- Verano's Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP) provides FIMA with flexibility, responsiveness for managing large, complex industrial operations -- MANSFIELD, MA, April 25, 2006 -- Verano announced today that its leading Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP) has been selected by FIMA, Lithuania's leading systems integrator specializing in power, transportation and security, as its SCADA platform of choice. FIMA is responsible for supporting over half of Lithuania's largest companies and was challenged in finding a reliable real-time security solution that would protect, monitor and control the networks of large complex systems found in the country's airports, electricity grids and power generators, border control, government buildings, and railways. By implementing Verano's RTAP solution, FIMA can offer a one-stop comprehensive product and service, providing their customers with increased flexibility, scalability and management responsiveness, at a lower cost...
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