WaterBriefs: $4.8 million in research funding now available through AwwaRF

Also in this report: Stage 2 DBP Rule pushes sales of flushing devices; Emerson handheld first to pass Fieldbus HIST test; Report on coatings & linings market for water, wastewater released; ABB focuses on core after asbestos plan resolution; New PBS series 'California's Water' to air through May 29; Nagano Keiki to acquire Ashcroft; Amiantit sets up factories in Morocco, Algeria; Stormceptor becomes Imbrium Systems; ABS delivers equipment to two wastewater treatment plants in Tunisia...

In other news below:
-- Stage 2 DBP Rule to further increase sales of automatic, programmable flushing devices
-- Emerson's Field Communicator first handheld to pass Fieldbus host interoperability test
-- Report on coatings & linings market for water and wastewater now available
-- With resolution on asbestos plan, ABB focuses on core business
-- New PBS series 'California's Water' to air through May 29
-- Ashcroft Inc. to be acquired by Nagano Keiki Co. Ltd.
-- PA Gov. says 1,700 families in Fayette County to benefit from new sewer system
-- Amiantit sets up factories in Morocco, Algeria
-- Stormceptor Systems becomes Imbrium Systems
-- GE Fanuc, Symbion to provide comprehensive PAT solution to life sciences industry
-- Hazardous waste remediation market to reach $16.6 billion by 2011
-- ABS delivers equipment to two wastewater treatment plants in Tunisia

$4.8 million in research funding now available through AwwaRF
DENVER, April 3, 2006 -- The Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the science of drinking water, has issued 23 requests proposals (RFPs) totaling $4.8 million in research funding. The RFPs, available on the AwwaRF website, are due in May or July 2006, as specified in each RFP.

Collectively, the projects represent a wide range of topics of critical importance to the drinking water community. "Each year we target many of the water industry's biggest challenges, based on feedback from our members, leading professionals in the field, and the results of prior research," said Robert C. Renner, AwwaRF executive director. "AwwaRF research builds a body of knowledge that utilities and other water professionals can use to continuously enhance operations, improve drinking water quality, and meet customer expectations."

The 2006 RFPs are as follows:
• Accuracy of In-Service Water Meters at Low and High Flow Rates(RFP 4028)
• Assessment of Secondary Impacts of Corrosion Control on Distribution System Equipment (RFP 4029)
• Asset Management Research Needs Roadmap (RFP 4002)
• Changes in Water Use Patterns (RFP 4031)
• Contaminant Risk Management Communication Strategy and Tools (RFP 4001)
• Critical Assessment of Implementing Desalination Technology (RFP 4006)
• Desalination Facility Design and Operation for Maximum Energy Efficiency (RFP 4038)
• Drinking Water Source Protection Through Effective Use of TMDL Processes (RFP 4007)
• Easily Distributed Mini-Pipe Loop System for Maintaining Corrosion Control for Lead and Copper (RFP 4014)
• Effect of Nitrification on Corrosion in the Distribution System (RFP 4015)
• Failure of Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (RFP 4034)
• Guidelines for Developing, Calibrating, and Using Hydraulic Models (RFP 4018)
• Impact of Phosphate Chemicals on Cement-Based Pipes and Linings (RFP 4033)
• Impact of UV Location and Sequence on By-Product Formation (RFP 4019)
• Impacts of Lining Materials on Water Quality (RFP 4036)
• Minimizing Impacts of Changes in Watershed Vegetation on Source Water Quality and Quantity (RFP 4009)
• Occurrence, Impacts, and Removal of Manganese in Biofiltration Processes (RFP 4021)
• Organizational Development Needed To Implement a Knowledge Management Strategy at Water Utilities (RFP 4003)
• Residuals Treatment and Disposal Options for Low Volume Generators (RFP 4010)
• Significance of Current Methods and Monitoring Strategies for E. coli and Total Coliform Measurements (RFP 4024)
• Tools to Help Water Utilities Establish Customer Payment Programs (RFP 4004)
• Water Conservation: Customer Behavior and Effective Communications (RFP 4012)
• Workforce Planning for Water Utilities – Successful Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Operators and Engineers to Meet Future Challenges (RFP 4005)

All projects, unless otherwise indicated, must include 25 %of the total project budget as in-kind or cash contribution. In-kind contributions can be in the form of labor, materials, or laboratory and other services, and may come from project participants such as water utilities, consulting firms, and universities. For each project, an appointed project advisory committee will evaluate proposals based on responsiveness to the RFP, scientific and technical merit, and qualifications of the researchers. Guidelines for preparing solicited proposals are available on the website.

The Awwa Research Foundation (www.awwarf.org) is a member-supported, international, nonprofit organization that sponsors research to enable water utilities, public health agencies, and other professionals to provide safe and affordable drinking water to consumers. With close to 1,000 subscriber members in the U.S. and abroad, AwwaRF has funded and managed more than 900 projects valued at more than $370 million.

Among other recent headlines:

Stage 2 DBP Rule to further increase sales of automatic, programmable flushing devices -- NAPLES, FL, April 3, 2006 -- Due in part to the recent introduction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Stage 2 Disinfection By-Products Rule (Stage 2 DBPR), Hydro-Guard, a global leader in advance maintenance flushing technology, has seen a significant increase in the sales of its line of automatic and programmable flushing devices to ensure proper disinfection in distribution lines...

Emerson's Field Communicator first handheld to pass Fieldbus host interoperability test -- AUSTIN, TX, April 3, 2006 -- Emerson Process Management has received notice that its 375 Field Communicator successfully completed the Fieldbus Foundation's Host Interoperability Support Test (HIST). By its success, the unit becomes the first, and currently the only handheld communicator on the list of HIST tested & compliant host systems. Sixteen hosts, including the 375, have successfully passed testing to date. It's also the only available intrinsically safe handheld communicator that universally supports FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and HART® devices from all suppliers. Universal support is a primary requirement of process manufacturing users. And the unit is a key component of Emerson's PlantWeb® digital plant architecture...

Report on coatings & linings market for water and wastewater now available -- WILMINGTON, DE, April 3, 2006 -- P.D. Lovett & Company announces the completion of its newest report, "Protective Coatings and Linings for Water and Wastewater Facilities: An Industry Characterization and Analysis of the End User." An industry covering tens of thousands of government and private-owned water and wastewater facilities and manholes, it is a fourth in a series on specific segments within the coatings industry. Highlights of the overview include historical and forecasted coatings growth, and coatings use by application, technology, and industry sectors. Volume II provides the prospective customer list, organized by industry, alphabetically and geographically. It identifies over 9,600 water and wastewater facilities and over 800 painting contractors...

With resolution on asbestos plan, ABB focuses on core business -- ZURICH, Switzerland, April 1, 2006 -- ABB, a leading power and automation technology group, said today no appeals have been filed with the U.S. District Court opposing a revised Plan of Reorganization for its U.S. subsidiary, Combustion Engineering (CE), which means the plan is now final. The finalization of the CE Plan of Reorganization clears the way for asbestos claimants to receive payments from the trust to be set up in accordance with the Plan of Reorganization once it becomes effective. The plan's channeling injunction will protect ABB and its subsidiaries from current and future asbestos claims against CE. ABB has committed cash and other assets worth approximately $1.43 billion to pay settled asbestos claims against CE...
Also see: "ABB wins marine contracts worth $110 million"

New PBS series 'California's Water' to air through May 29 -- Huell Howser produces shows to highlight state's most precious resource -- SACRAMENTO, April 1, 2006 -- The first of several segments of "California's Water," a new series produced by Huell Howser and underwritten by the members of the Association of California Water Agencies for public television, was set to air on KCET, a PBS affiliate in Southern California, on April 2 at 7:30 p.m. and again on April 17 at 6 p.m. The topic for the first segment is "climate change" and is sponsored by Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Other segment topics include: a water system overview, the Delta, the Colorado river, surface storage, water recycling, desalination, flood control, endangered species, regional water management plans, water transfers, the Sacramento Valley water management program, and watersheds...
Also see: "ACWA spring conference to 'Get Real on Water'"

Ashcroft Inc. to be acquired by Nagano Keiki Co. Ltd. -- STRATFORD, CT, April 3, 2006 -- John McKenna, CEO, announced today that an agreement has been signed for Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd. to acquire the majority assets of Ashcroft Holdings, Inc. from KPS Special Situations Funds. The assets of Ebro Electronics GmbH, with headquarters in Germany, will remain in the KPS portfolio. Ashcroft manufactures gauges, thermometers, switches, transducers, transmitters, calibration equipment and isolators for pressure and temperature measurement, monitoring and control. The sale is expected to close in the second quarter of 2006...

PA Gov. says 1,700 families in Fayette County to benefit from new sewer system -- $10.5 million provided by state environmental, economic development programs -- FAIRCHANCE, PA, April 1, 2006 -- Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell today said nearly 1,700 families in Fairchance Borough and Georges Township, Fayette County, will enjoy lower utility bills and a cleaner environment with the release of $10.5 million for a new sewer system.
Governor Rendell said $8.7 million of the funding is in the form of a low- cost loan, while state grants make up the balance. Over the next 10 months, the Fairchance Georges Joint Municipal Sewage Authority, which services Fairchance Borough and Georges Township, will construct 19 miles of sewage collection lines and a pump station, and expand its wastewater treatment plant. PENNVEST is providing the low-cost, $8.7-million loan and a $1 million grant, and the Governor's innovative $2.8 billion economic stimulus program provided a $789,000 grant through PennWorks...
Also see: -- "EPA's Chesapeake Bay Office: Bay program's ambitious goals should not be abandoned"

Amiantit sets up factories in Morocco, Algeria -- -- Manufacturing plants will meet local demand for GRP pipes -- DAMMAM, Saudi Arabia, April 1, 2006 -- In line with growing worldwide demand for Amiantit glass reinforced polyester (GRP) pipes for water and sewage systems, Dammam-based Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company has announced that it is participating on an equal share basis in two joint venture partnerships to establish GRP pipe production plants in Morocco and Algeria. The Moroccan manufacturing facility will be built in Casablanca at a cost of US$23 million as a joint venture under the name of Amitech Maroc, a limited liability company in 50-50 partnership between Amiantit International Holding and Nareva Holding which is a subsidiary of the ONA Moroccan Group. The factory to be built for US$21 million in Algeria will be located at Mostghanerm city and is a joint venture under the name of Amitech Algeria in 50-50 partnership between Amiantit International Holding and the Lakehal-Ayat family...

Stormceptor Systems becomes Imbrium Systems: New technologies on horizon -- TORONTO, Canada, March 31, 2006 -- Stormceptor, a North American leader in engineered stormwater treatment solutions, has become Imbrium Systems. Imbrium will continue to market and distribute the Stormceptor System through its global network of affiliates, as well as developing new stormwater management technologies to introduce to its product line. With more than 16,000 installations, the system removes oil, sediment and other pollutants, as well as protects stored contaminants from being scoured out during intense rainfalls...

GE Fanuc, Symbion to provide comprehensive PAT solution to life sciences industry -- They sign exclusive agreement to provide vital instrument connectivity and forms foundation for a comprehensive Process Analytical Technology (PAT) offering -- CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, March 31, 2006 -- To further assist life sciences companies in maximizing their return on investments and improve their manufacturing operations, GE Fanuc Automation and Symbion Systems announced March 21 an exclusive global agreement to deliver comprehensive Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions worldwide. The unique GE Fanuc and Symbion solution allows for unprecedented production connectivity, data collection and process analysis and provides a solid foundation for companies seeking to better understand and improve their processes...

Hazardous waste remediation market to reach $16.6 billion by 2011 -- NORWALK, CT, March 31, 2006 -- According to a new technical market research report released March 21 by BCC Research, "The Global Market for Hazardous Waste Remediation" (RE-152), the global market for hazardous waste remediation technologies was worth about $10.7 billion in 2005, and will rise to $11.4 billion in 2006 and $16.6 billion by 2011 at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 7.8%. Hazardous waste containment technologies were the largest segment of the global hazardous waste remediation market in 2005, with over 25% of the market, followed by separation (19%), chemical treatment (18%), and recycling (15%)...

ABS delivers equipment to two wastewater treatment plants in Tunisia -- MALMO, Sweden, March 31, 2006 -- ABS in Spain has received an extensive order of equipment to the construction of two new wastewater treatment plants in Tunisia, called Sud Meliane II and Choutrana II, the company announced March 10. The scope of delivery covers 20 880 ABS Nopon disc diffuser system PIK 300, 32 ABS flow booster SB, various mixers, submersible pumps as well as fine screens AISI 316 and screening presses for the pretreatment phase. ABS customer, Dytrassa in Seville, Spain, will run the construction and the commissioning of the two treatment plants that will serve a population of about 300,000 each in Tunis metropolitan area. The total investment is €32 million, whereof €15 million correspond to these plants. Dytrassa is specialized in hydraulic engineering and water treatment works and is presently expanding their activities in Northern Africa and Eastern Europe...


In earlier newsbriefs, see: "WaterBriefs: Chemtura to sell Industrial Water Additives business" -- Also in this report (March 31, 2006): Ecoloclean' Aquatronics acquires advanced bio-catalytic water purification patent; ITT A-C Pump - Pewaukee name changed; YSI unveils new website; Aspen Aerogels insulates plastic-lined pipe joints; Nestle Waters reviewing legal options on Mich. case; NJ American Water, Elizabethtown Water and Mt. Holly Water file for new rates; Latin American infrastructure project of year award presented in New Orleans; Ashland signs agreement to acquire Degussa water treatment business; Cytec first to qualify for EPA Sustainable Futures Program; AWWA section chief picked to lead Center for Water Education; DeepWave well stimulations continue to prove beneficial for oil production; Pa. American Water acquires Pine Ridge water system; Baker wins U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' New Orleans contract; ClickSoftware releases new solution for water utilities; Kadant receives order for $16M from Asian paper producer; Rain causes wastewater overflows for Trinity River Authority; $55B spent annually by regional, local governments to operate water, sewer systems...


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