IDE commissions first desalination unit in one of China's largest desalination plants

Jan. 25, 2010
KADIMA, Israel, Jan. 25, 2010 -- IDE Technologies has completed commissioning of the first desalination unit for SDIC, a state-owned energy company operating subject to China's Energy Authority...

KADIMA, Israel, Jan. 25, 2010 -- IDE Technologies, a global leader in water technologies, announced that it has completed commissioning of the first desalination unit for SDIC, a state-owned energy company operating subject to China's Energy Authority. The plant is located at the new SDIC power plant being constructed 200 kilometers northeast of Beijing. The plant's electricity generation capacity of 4000 MW/hour will meet the growing needs of Tianjin City and alleviate the electricity shortage in northern China.

This is the first of four units planned to provide desalinated seawater for the power plant's steam boilers as well as drinking water for the local residents. Each desalination unit will produce 25,000 cubic meters of distillated water a day, reaching a daily total of 100,000 cubic meters and making this one of China's largest desalination plants. The four units will use the Multi Effect Distillation (MED) process in which seawater is heated by steam and then circulated in an adequate evaporator.

IDE MED plants are every ecologist's dream, as they use waste heat from adjacent industrial or power plants to produce their water, in effect creating clean water from heat that otherwise would be discharged to the atmosphere.

Mr.Guo Qigang, General Manager of SDIC Power Plant stated: "The SDIC power plant implements the recycled economic mode, i.e. power-seawater desalination-salt production, using a method allowing the chain industries to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, having all waste discharged by each previous industrial section fully absorbed and utilized by the following industry, achieving maximum benefits with minimum discharge. Cooling water by generators, for instance, is a closed seawater circulation mode. The required fresh water is supplied by the IDE MED units having no need for any input of freshwater resources, demonstrating IDE's unique and unprecedented process mode in China."

"China is a strategic market for us, and we are excited to be involved in the establishment of one of the country's largest desalination plants," said Avshalom Felber, IDE's CEO. "We were required to adhere to strict environmental considerations and our expertise and technology, that meet the highest environmental standards, enabled us to meet this challenge."

The Tianjin SDIC project is IDE's first project in China, and further strengthens IDE's position in the APAC region, where the company has been operating for over 15 years and has successfully deployed a range of units. China stands alongside India, where IDE has built an impressive track record with over 20 thermal desalination facilities in the industrial sector, and a total aggregated capacity of approximately 250,000 cubic meters per day. In Kazakhstan, IDE recently built a desalination plant at a national power plant, with a total production capacity of 12,000 cubic meters per day. In Turkmenistan, a desalination plant has been installed at the Turkmenistan Refinery in Turkmenbashi, with a total production capacity of 6,000 cubic meters per day of pure water, used for the refinery process.

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