Ho Chi Minh City to use MWH Soft GIS water modeling technology

Jan. 6, 2010
BROOMFIELD, CO, Jan. 6, 2010 -- The Saigon Water Corporation, Vietnam, has chosen MWH Soft's H2OMAP Water Suite software for advanced water distribution modeling and design of the Ho Chi Minh City water supply network...

• Saigon Water Corporation chooses H2OMAP Water for water distribution modeling and management

BROOMFIELD, CO, Jan. 6, 2010 -- MWH Soft, a leading global innovator of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and technologies, today announced that the Saigon Water Corporation, Vietnam, has chosen MWH Soft's industry-leading H2OMAP Water Suite software for advanced water distribution modeling and design of the Ho Chi Minh City water supply network. The selection further substantiates MWH Soft's leadership position in geospatial hydraulic infrastructure modeling and management across the globe.

The Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan area, home to over 9 million people, is expected to grow to over 20 million by 2020. Based on its size and growth expectations, the City has enormous demands for clean drinking water and efficient system operations. It currently produces 325 million m³ (260,000 acre-feet) of drinking water every year, with the Saigon River as the primary water source. The city is also faced with a large non-revenue water (NRW) problem, with over 140 million m³ (110,000 acre-feet) of water usage unaccounted for.

"Embarking on an NRW study is a challenging project, but critical to the long term health of our system," said Luu Khanh Toan, Deputy Team Leader of the project. "H2OMAP Water is the ideal tool for performing this analysis. It makes it easy for our engineers to run and simulate a range of possible conditions and determine the most likely sources of unaccounted water. The program is also highly intuitive, with a broad range of capabilities beyond NRW -- making it a natural choice for our system. Add the MWH Soft reputation for being first to add new features and providing robust, responsive support, and H2OMAP Water is a perfect fit for Saigon Water Corporation."

Built using an advanced Object-Oriented Geospatial Component model, H2OMAP Water is the most powerful and practical GIS platform for water utility solutions. As a stand-alone GIS-based program, it combines spatial analysis tools and mapping functions with sophisticated and accurate network modeling for complete infrastructure (asset) management and business planning. It performs fast, reliable and comprehensive hydraulic and dynamic water quality modeling, energy management (with true variable speed pumping), real-time simulation and control with online SCADA interface, and complete fire flow analysis.

H2OMAP Water fully supports geocoding and multiple mapping layers which can be imported from one of many data sources including Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings (e.g., dwg, dgn, dxf); CAD world files; standard GIS formats (Shapefiles, Generate files, MID/MIF files, and ArcInfo coverages); Vector product format (vpf) files; Spatial Database Engine (ArcSDE) Layers; attribute tables; grid data; image files; ODBC; and Comma Separated/Delimited Text (CSV) files. The program also supports the geodatabase standard of ArcGIS through an ArcSDE connection.

"Ho Chi Minh City is a another example of a leading water utility turning to MWH Soft for tools to help them optimize short- and long-term capital planning and infrastructure sustainability," said MWH Soft Asia Pacific Business Development Manager Justin Hanson. "We continue to invest in best-of-breed geospatial modeling and design solutions that are easy to implement and use, and give our customers a significant business edge. Our products deliver consistent, high quality engineering GIS modeling data; enhanced efficiency; and reliable, cost-effective project plans. These advantages lead to measurable improvements in productivity, system performance, return on investment, and customer satisfaction."

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