Korea gets movable barrier designed by DHV

BUSAN, S. Korea, Jan. 8, 2010 -- The Nakdong Barrier, a prestigious barrier in South Korea, is to be built using the design by engineering consultancy DHV...

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• Engineering consultancy lays basis for construction of multi-million-euro project

Pennwell web 200 127BUSAN, S. Korea, Jan. 8, 2010 -- The Nakdong Barrier, a prestigious barrier in South Korea, is to be built using the design by engineering consultancy DHV. The current barrier is twenty years old and, because of climate change, needs to be extended. Construction on the project - which involves an investment of 125 million euros - begins in mid 2010 and project completion is scheduled for mid 2012. DHV, together with Samsung Engineering & Construction and the Korean engineering consultancy Yooshin, is responsible for the winning design.

Pennwell web 200 150The barrier's purpose is to increase the draining capacity of the Nakdong River. By directing the excess water, the river can be better managed. This benefits ecology, irrigation, and flood-water safety, which means that the quality of life of the local population is improved. The barrier is to be built on the edge of the port city of Busan, which, with 4.6 million inhabitants, is the second largest city in Korea and the country's most important port. According to Wim Klomp, DHV's project director, "the barrier can be compared to the Haringvliet barrier in the Netherlands. The big difference is that the flood threat in Korea doesn't come from the sea, but from the rivers themselves. This means that the barrier's curvature is turned toward the sea."

The Nakdong Barrier is over 300 meters long, with a mid span of almost 100 meters. In the past, DHV was also involved in the construction of the current barrier. "Because of climate change and sedimentation in the river's feeder channels, there is a need for extra drainage capacity," explains Klomp.

Pennwell web 200 137DHV is working closely on the project with Samsung Engineering & Construction and Yooshin. The client is K-water, which is part of the Korean directorate for public works and water management. "The client," says Klomp, "has a great deal of confidence in DHV and we have worked directly for K-water on several occasions. Samsung and Yooshin are happy with the contribution of our international water expertise and with the client's confidence regarding our participation in the project."

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