New Containment Solutions' website redesigned by users

CONROE, TX, Jan. 18, 2010 -- Containment Solutions (CSI) announces the launch of the new corporate website that features a user friendly atmosphere for web visitors...

CONROE, TX, Jan. 18, 2010 -- Containment Solutions (CSI) announces the launch of the new corporate website This 24 month project utilized best practices market research and direct customer involvement to design and develop a user friendly atmosphere for web visitors.

Containment Solutions is the largest American underground fiberglass storage tank manufacturer, with 40 years experience and more than 300,000 tank installations. CSI was built on the success of fiberglass petroleum storage tanks. However, the product line has expanded substantially to include the handling of lubrication oils, water, wastewater and alternative biofuels.

The breadth of products, each with unique markets made the actual design of the site not only critical but extremely complex. Web users can rely on the new site to offer product information from sales brochures to installation instructions to CAD drawings for engineers and architects.

The newest and possibly most important enhancement is the training section. Installing contractors will have a resource for situational installation methods as well as video tutorials for intricate and detailed procedures. The training section was built in cooperation with experienced installers to package an all encompassing educational program for fiberglass storage tanks.

"The design of our new website was the result of a year's worth of data collection and insightful suggestions directly from our customers and site viewers," says Ron Shaffer, Vice President of Marketing at Containment Solutions. "Not only will users enjoy the improved interface but our already comprehensive training program will jump even further ahead of the competition with the additional tools included in this site."

For general information on Containment Solutions, contact David Heiman, Marketing Communications Manager at (877) CSI-TANK or


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