UNICEF Clean Water for Ethiopia project receives continued support from StreamServe, SAP

June 15, 2010
BURLINGTON, MA, and BRUSSELS, Belgium, June 15, 2010 -- StreamServe Inc. have joined again with SAP AG in co-sponsoring the Clean Water for Ethiopia project, committing to an additional 10,000 Euros which will be used to dig additional wells, build latrines and educate the population in Ethiopia on proper hygiene...

• Sponsorship demonstrates strong, continued commitment to global health and environmental awareness

BURLINGTON, MA, and BRUSSELS, Belgium, June 15, 2010 -- StreamServe Inc., a leading provider of business communication solutions for document efficiency and customer experience management, announced today that they have joined again with SAP AG in co-sponsoring the Clean Water for Ethiopia project. At the SAP® Conference for Utilities 2010 for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India being held June 14 - 16 in Brussels, Belgium, StreamServe and SAP together committed to donating an additional 10,000 Euros to UNICEF, which will use the funds to dig additional wells, build latrines and educate the population in Ethiopia on proper hygiene. This sponsorship adds to the 20,000 Euros the companies together donated to UNICEF's Clean Water for Ethiopia project in October 2009.

Ethiopia is one of the driest countries on earth and the water supply is extremely poor, especially in rural areas. Close to 80 percent of Ethiopia's population does not have access to enough clean water to support basic living requirements. To meet the pressing need for clean water, UNICEF is currently drilling 80 new wells that transport ground water from a depth of 40 to 50 meters. The result is in less polluted water sources and wells that continue to work during periods of drought. Through these efforts, almost 40,000 people will be supplied with clean drinking water. Furthermore, an investment is being made to construct toilets for 30 schools in the area, and many educational training sessions have been set up. These sessions are aimed at teaching hygiene basics and the skills required to build latrines. UNICEF also helps maintain existing wells and invests further in educating and empowering locals with the skills needed to maintain the wells themselves.

The continued sponsorship of UNICEF by StreamServe and SAP is part of SAP's global corporate responsibility program, which focuses on education and the environment, among other issues. In addition, it expands StreamServe's commitment to the environment that it established through its StreamServe Sustainability Program, which helps businesses become more cost-efficient while aiding them in achieving their goals of becoming less reliant on our planet's resources. The StreamServe Sustainability Program offers a series of research, best practices, and tools designed to help businesses determine the eco-savings that can be achieved through StreamServe's business communication solutions.

"StreamServe and SAP have a long-standing, solid partnership that has provided utilities and other businesses around the world with solutions that help them simplify business communications, reduce costs and become more sustainable," said Dennis Ladd, StreamServe's president and CEO. "Both of our companies are also extremely committed to helping improve the world around us through our corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs. UNICEF's Clean Water for Ethiopia program is such a noble and needed cause, and we are thrilled to be sponsoring it once again with SAP. In addition to helping to improve the health conditions in Ethiopia with clean water and education, we hope that this sponsorship serves as an example for other businesses to consider ways in which they can give back as well."

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