Cambodia water supply contract awarded to Moya Dayen

June 29, 2010
SINGAPORE, June 29, 2010 -- Moya Dayen Limited has been awarded a contract worth US$ 36.46 million by Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority in Cambodia for Part B of Phase 1 of the Niroth Water Production Facilities Project...

SINGAPORE, June 29, 2010 -- Catalist-listed, Moya Dayen Limited has been awarded a contract worth US$ 36.46 million by Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority ("PPWSA") in Cambodia for Part B of Phase 1 of the Niroth Water Production Facilities Project.

PPWSA is in charge of producing and distributing potable water to the city of Phnom Penh and its outlying districts with a population of approximately 1.3 million people. With this new win; MoyaDayen will undertake the construction of Niroth Water Production Facilities -- Phase I, which comprises 2 contracts -- Part A and Part B. Part A of the contract, worth US$ 13.38 million was already awarded to MoyaDayen in the second week of June 2010. This puts the total contract amount awarded to MoyaDayen by PPWSA at US$ 49.84 million.

For Part B, MoyaDayen will construct a water treatment plant which includes treated water tanks, a treated water transmission main and other ancillary buildings. Construction works for Part B is expected to commence in August 2010 and is expected to take 30 months to complete. When completed, the Niroth Water Production Facilities -- Phase I will be one of the largest water treatment facilities, producing 130,000m3/day of potable water, to serve the greater Phnom Penh population.

Speaking at the Contract Award Ceremony at Singapore International Water Week ("SIWW") today, Simon A. Melhem, CEO of MoyaDayen said, "These contracts further affirm our successful and good relationship with PPWSA, which has once again entrusted us with a major role in the development of water supply in Cambodia. We are pleased to bring our international experience and expertise in water treatment and infrastructure to contribute towards the rapid development of the Kingdom of Cambodia."

Mr Ek Sonn Chan, Delegate of the Royal Government of Cambodia in charge of PPWSA said, "The subsequent award of the Part B contract to MoyaDayen soon after its Part A award, is testament to the trust we have in the company. The completion of Phase 1 of Niroth Water Production Facilities will greatly alleviate the water supply situation in a fast growing city of Phnom Penh and its surrounding districts."

MoyaDayen is one of the founding sponsors of SIWW 2010 organised by PUB Singapore. Earlier this month, PPWSA won the coveted Stockholm Industry Water Award 2010 which PUB Singapore had previously won in 2007. MoyaDayen has been working with both these leading Asian water authorities for several years.

The latest contract from PPWSA is not expected to have a material impact on the net tangible assets or earnings per share of the Company for the financial year ending 30 September 2010.

About Moya Dayen Limited
Listed on SGX Catalist since April 2002 and majority acquired by Moya Holding Company BSC in 2010, MoyaDayen Limited ("MoyaDayen" formerly Dayen Environmental Limited) is one of Asia's development and engineering specialists providing integrated solutions for water and wastewater treatment, including related infrastructures and operations. The company holds the ME11 (L6) grade for mechanical engineering, a certification that qualifies it to undertake mechanical engineering projects of unlimited value from the Singapore government.

MoyaDayen is focused on three main segments: water treatment, wastewater treatment and reclamation, and other related water infrastucture. We have the engineering capability to design, build and implement specialized equipment used in all aspects of waste and water treatment processes, including the installation and commissioning of mechanical and electrical equipment as well as instrumentation and process control systems in sewage treatment works, waterworks, service reservoirs, pumping stations and power stations.

Headquartered in Singapore, we have successfully executed more than 800 projects of varying complexity and value with overseas projects in Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Middle East, Papua New Guinea, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. More information on MoyaDayen is available on


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