Clean water treatment system components for northern China plant to be driven by nanotechnology

April 12, 2010
TAMPA, FL, April 12, 2010 -- Under a new sales agreement, Dais Analytic will supply CAST Systems (Beijing) and Genertec America with key system components of its nanotechnology clean water treatment process...

TAMPA, FL, April 12, 2010 -- Dais Analytic Corporation of Odessa, FL, USA (Dais), CAST Systems Control Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing, China (CAST), and Genertec America of Redwood City, CA (GTA), today announced the signing of an sales agreement with a value of up to $48 million USD over a twelve month period.

Under this sales agreement, Dais will supply GTA and CAST key system components of its nanotechnology clean water treatment process called NanoClear™. It will be configured to form the first facility world-wide of its kind, located in northern China, to precisely clean waste water with zero contaminant discharge. The key system parts will be provided by Dais to GTA and CAST over the course of the next twelve months. CAST will work with others to construct, and run the physical plant.

This order reflects continued business support of the China and United States "Strategic & Economic Dialog" memorandum signed in 2009 which established a bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the areas of energy, climate change, and environmental concerns.

It deepens the relationship between GTA and Dais which began in August 2009 with the signing of a $200 million distribution agreement finding Dais exporting clean water, and energy efficient heating and cooling applications made using Dais' nanotechnology materials and processes. This sales agreement may find Dais potentially adding up to 200 jobs -- part of the possible 1,000 jobs when the Distribution Agreement was announced in September 2009.

NanoClear™ is an eco-friendly water treatment process which uses Dais's "smart plastic" membrane to simply extract water molecules from waste, sea, or brackish water while leaving impurities behind. NanoClear is designed to produce higher quality clean water than other existing forms of waste water treatment without traditional extra components and complexity. Recent testing by third parties shows the process's ability to clean contaminated water to the US Environmental Protection Agency's new 'parts per billion' waste and run-off water standards.

Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional products at the molecular scale allowing precise control of the material's molecular structure.

Dais' inventions and processes is a completely new approach based upon molecular self-assembly allowing control of matter at the atomic scale. The materials are neither toxic nor harmful to the environment.

1 Constellation Technologies, Clearwater, FL, and Pasco County Environment Laboratory. All analysis work was done to the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference Institute's (NELAC) standard certification #E44123.

About CAST
CAST is a twenty year old engineering company headquartered in Beijing, China, which specializes in large projects across the water, waste water, electric power, and oil and gas industries in China.

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