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April 9, 2010
GIL 2010: Europe, taking place May 17-19, 2010 in London, presents a unique forum for CEOs and top-level executives and visionaries to examine their respective industry positions and benefit from networking opportunities with cross-industry luminaries...

LONDON, England, UK, April 9, 2010 -- As the world economy emerges from the economic turmoil of 2009, businesses need to move away from survival mode to embracing new growth opportunities. The recession had a significant psychological impact on CEOs, but businesses cannot afford to stay cautious for too long. Frost & Sullivan's 2009 CEO Growth Survey found that the recession caused many CEOs to shift their focus from long-term strategies to short-term revenue generation and cutting costs. However, their top priority had not changed.

"Energy and optimism are starting to rebound," says Frost & Sullivan Chairman David Frigstad. "Now is the time to think ahead. Obviously in a recession you don't have as much money, but caution causes companies to miss out on many excellent opportunities."

GIL 2010: Europe which will take place on May 17-19 2010 at the Emirates Stadium in London, presents a unique forum for CEOs and top-level executives and visionaries to examine their respective industry positions and benefit from a multitude of networking opportunities with cross-industry luminaries on best practices, tools and strategies. Frost & Sullivan provides participants the opportunity to develop relationships with one another and take part in candid discussions focused on rethinking and strengthening their companies' growth strategies. All delegates are invited to participate in interactive think tanks that will teach how to leverage the 360 Degree Perspective to identify, analyze, and prioritize opportunities in every industry's complex business universe.

"The real purpose of GIL is to focus on the CEOs number one priority, which is to drive growth in the company," Mr Frigstad says. "We are looking at growth, innovation and leadership as three of the essential elements to keep a company growing at a rapid rate."

This year's congress will also feature eight industry think tanks focusing on Frost & Sullivan's areas of industry specialisation -- Aerospace & Defence; Automotive & Transportation; Chemicals, Materials & Food; Energy & Environment; Building Technologies & Security; Healthcare & Life Sciences; Information & Communication Technologies; and Industrial Automation. These will afford delegates the opportunity to collaborate with their industry peers, their own management teams and Frost & Sullivan's industry experts to brainstorm on how to steer growth effectively in a turbulent economy.

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