Water supply operations in Melbourne to improve risk management processes

April 13, 2010
TORONTO, ON, April 13, 2010 -- Melbourne Water has implemented Dyadem's Stature software platform to assess and mitigate risk for all critical assets as it manages the supply of drinking water and sewage treatment to the city of Melbourne, Australia...

TORONTO, ON, April 13, 2010 -- Dyadem today announced that Melbourne Water has implemented its Stature software platform to assess and mitigate risk for all critical assets as it manages the supply of drinking water and sewage treatment to the city of Melbourne, Australia. Stature, Dyadem's Operational and Quality Risk Management platform, will allow Melbourne Water to better manage the risks associated with supplying more than 900 million litres of drinking water per day and treating more than 700 million litres of sewage per day. Dyadem, the market leader in Operational and Quality Risk Management solutions, enables Melbourne Water to identify, measure and mitigate risk as well as continuously communicate updates and changes throughout the organization.

Public utilities must closely measure and mitigate risk, including risks within their facilities as well as those to the surrounding environment and the residents of their communities. Melbourne Water is responsible for managing AU$9 billion in water supply, sewerage and drainage assets -- which consist of a number of built and natural assets. Stature, and its accompanying Management of Change (MOC) module, will enable Melbourne Water to more efficiently and effectively monitor change requests each time a part or process is modified for all critical assets. Stature ensures that information is shared across Melbourne Water's plants so that best practices and lessons learned can be re-used by multiple teams.

"We needed corporate visibility into our high risk changes and a robust workflow engine to manage basic to complex changes, but with our former system, which is paper based, this was not achievable. The Stature Management of Change system offers us the ability to demonstrate due process by providing the ability to imbed a collaborative process and our risk processes into the overall workflow," said Tim Wood, Mechanical and Electrical Asset Manager, Melbourne Water. "The safety of the public and our employees is our top priority and a centralized Operational Risk Management system will allow us to manage the many risks that come with supplying drinking water and sewage treatment. Stature was by far the most user-friendly system that we evaluated and the one that was the easiest to begin using out of the box.

"We have been using Dyadem's desktop Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) software PHA-Pro for several years and were confident that Dyadem had the expertise we were looking for in an Operational Risk Management platform."

Stature provides organizations with the ability to make more informed and strategic decisions about their products and processes. Ensuring that a system is in place to manage the actual and potential health hazards and consequent risks arising from activities, products and services is critical for organizations to maintain and allows them to react quickly and foresee hazards.

The Stature platform will give Melbourne Water a continuous improvement process and allow it to better understand its greatest risk factors. Dyadem's best-practice-based templates and libraries will help to ensure that all risk assessments are consistently documented using universally accepted criteria and standards. With all risk assessments stored in a central repository, Melbourne Water will be able to view real-time reports and dashboards that provide cumulative information about all sites.

"Public utilities are under immense pressure to ensure total public safety while also protecting taxpayer money," said Kevin North, President and CEO, Dyadem. "Our Stature platform not only makes the risk management process more efficient but also provides Melbourne Water with real-time information to make decisions and improvements faster, which will ultimately benefit the residents of Melbourne."

About Dyadem
Dyadem is the market leader in Operational Risk Management and Quality Risk Management solutions. Dyadem provides software and services that empower companies to discover and manage the risks to people and products in the design and manufacturing processes. Dyadem helps some of the world's largest companies achieve regulatory compliance and business continuity, serving the oil & gas, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, electronics and aerospace and defense industries. For more information, visit www.dyadem.com.

About Melbourne Water
Melbourne Water is owned by the Victorian Government. It manages Melbourne's water supply catchments, removes and treats most of Melbourne's sewage, and manages rivers and creeks and major drainage systems throughout the Port Phillip and Westernport region. It is responsible for managing AU$9 billion in water supply, sewerage and drainage assets, and is committed to looking after these in a way that protects and improves its environmental, social and financial values. An independent Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of Melbourne Water. The responsible Minister is the Minister for Water. For more information, visit www.melbournewater.com.au/.


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