Pretreatment filters from Amiad are key component in Changi NEWater Plant

May 10, 2010
KIBBUTZ AMIAD, Israel, May 10, 2010 -- Amiad Filtration Systems announced that its ABF series pre-treatment filters are a key component of the now fully-operational Changi NEWater Plant...

KIBBUTZ AMIAD, Israel, May 10, 2010 -- Amiad Filtration Systems, a global provider of innovative water filtration technologies, announced today that its ABF series pre-treatment filters are a key component of the now fully-operational Changi NEWater Plant, Singapore's fifth and largest NEWater plant. The Changi plant has a total production 228,000 m³/day.

Amiad Filtration Systems provided 11 top-of-the-line ABF 15,000 filtration systems to the Changi NEWater plant, which began its first phase in May 2009 with a production capacity of 69,000 m³/day.

Amiad was selected for the Changi plant based on its unique filter design, self-cleaning capabilities, and proven operation in the first NEWater plant in Singapore, which began operation in 2000. In fact, the flexibility and reliability of Amiad's filter installations, and their proven effectiveness has seen their introduction into all five of Singapore's NEWater plants; Changi, Bedok, Sletar Kranji and Ulu Pandan.

"The success of our filters is based on our dedication to providing creative, efficient and highly reliable solutions, as well as outstanding customer support," said Arik Dayan, CEO of Amiad Filtration Systems. "We are very proud to play such an important role in Singapore's NEWater production and to contribute our expertise to the newest Changi NEWater plant, one of the world's largest and most impressive water recycling facilities."

Now fully operational, the Changai plant is expected to supply nearly 15 percent of Singapore's water needs. When added to the other four NEWater plants, this number rises to 30 percent of Singapore's current water requirement.

Amiad ABF filters are heavy-duty strainers with a self-cleaning capability, manufactured in a range of treatment capacity sizes. They are used in NEWater facilities for the effective pre-treatment of secondary treated effluent. After this screening, subsequent micro-/ultra-filtration (MF/UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) treatment technologies from various manufacturers are used to produce NEWater. The NEWater is used mainly for direct supply to industrial users with high standards required for their feed-water, and a small proportion of NEWater is blended with rainwater in reservoirs as a raw water feed to produce water for potable use.

Summary of Amiad Units in Singapore NEWater Facilities:

• Bedok NEWater Phase 1: 4 units of ABF10,000
• Seletar NEWater: 4 units of ABF 10,000
• Kranji NEWater: 4 units of ABF 10,000
• Ulu Pandan NEWater: 11 units of ABF 10,000 HF
• Bedok NEWater Phase 2: 8 units of ABF6,000
• Changi NEWater: 11 units of ABF 15,000

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