Brass adapter couplings

Feb. 2, 2010
CLEVELAND, OH, Feb. 2, 2010 -- Elster Perfection introduces Hydrosert Brass Adapter Couplings for the water industry...

• Elster Perfection introduces Hydrosert ® Brass Adapter Couplings to water industry

CLEVELAND, OH, Feb. 2, 2010 -- Elster Perfection, the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of high integrity systems for the natural gas, propane and water distribution industries, introduces Hydrosert Brass Adapter Couplings for the water industry.

The Hydrosert Brass Adapter Coupling is noncorrosive and features a "no stress" design that separates and optimizes both the gripping and sealing areas of the fitting. Once assembled, the fitting is free to rotate on the HDPE pipe without affecting the watertight seal. This unique connection method results in dependable, leak-proof performance. All Hydrosert male and female brass adapters comply with the applicable requirements of AWWA C901 and C800 and are NSF listed. Hydrosert fittings are pressure-rated to the design pressure of the HDPE pipe to be connected, up to 200 PSIG (13.8 bar).

"HDPE is becoming more widely used in the water industry. We recognize this shift at Elster Perfection and developed the Hydrosert Brass Adapter Coupling to help the industry move forward," commented Jim Hansen, Senior Project Manager of Elster Perfection. "Elster's brass adapters allow a quick and easy connection of HDPE to a variety of products such as corp stop outlets, meter boxes and meter swivels, house piping, grinder pumps for forced main systems, yard hydrants, geothermal manifolds and more."

Elster Perfection offers a full line of Hydrosert polyethylene (HDPE) mechanical fittings, which allow installers to make leak-free water system connections -- easily and economically. The Hydrosert product line is designed for underground HDPE water piping in residential water systems. Hydrosert fittings are available in ¾" CTS to 2" IPS in a variety of configurations, including: couplings, ells and tees, valves and fusion tapping tees.

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