WaterBriefs: U.S. leaders to speak out on World Water Day

Also in this report: GE to host World Water Day expert panel at Cooper Union; International Aid unveils safe water initiative, BioSand filter; Dow Water Solutions model determines arsenic removal media lifetime; O.I. Corp. lands U.S. Army deal; Emerson merges brands, technologies for Remote Automation Division; NSF, French certification agency to cooperate; Hydraulic Institute honors member of year; Alfa Laval buys DSO Fluid; Chas. H. Sells hires leader for new Stormwater Group...

In other news below:
-- GE to host World Water Day panel discussion with industry experts at Cooper Union
-- International Aid unveils global safe water initiative, BioSand filter
-- Dow Water Solutions creates model to determine arsenic removal media lifetime
-- O.I. Corp. announces contract with the U.S. Army
-- Emerson merges brands, technologies for Remote Automation Division
-- NSF International, French certification agency sign cooperative agreement
-- Ralph Gabriel honored as Hydraulic Institute Member of the Year
-- Alfa Laval buys DSO Fluid Handling to add to U.S. sanitary processing industry strengths
-- Chas. H. Sells hires leader for new Stormwater Group
-- AMERICANA Conference program now available for March 20-22 event
-- CCMP Capital to acquire BOC Edwards' vacuum, semiconductor equipment business

U.S. leaders to speak out on World Water Day -- Civic, faith, environmental, corporate and foundation leaders tackle the world's largest health problem: lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation -- WASHINGTON, DC, March 19, 2007 -- On March 22, Water Advocates will assemble key leaders working to prevent sickness and death related to unsafe drinking water in developing countries. Speakers will highlight ground-breaking initiatives that demonstrate how US support for water and sanitation -- and the call for even greater action -- is growing.

Safe drinking water and sanitation are key to global public health, yet across the world 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and 2.6 billion -- more than one-third of the earth's population -- lack adequate sanitation. Combined, these two problems kill between two and five million people a year -- or a population the size of the city of Los Angeles -- and sicken billions more. Panelists will discuss how individuals from all walks of life are expanding efforts to address this challenge.

"Diseases spawned by unsafe drinking water and inadequate sanitation can be prevented. The world knows how to do it. What is lacking is funding and political will. Clean drinking water and basic sanitation underlie every aspect of development -- from good health and education to economic growth and environmental sustainability." said David Douglas, President of Water Advocates.

Hosted by Water Advocates, the event -- 8:30-11 a.m., Thursday, March 22, in the First Amendment Lounge of the National Press Club, 529 14th Street NW, Washington, DC -- will be moderated by John Oldfield, director of Partnership Development for the organization, with special guest, U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR).

Other speakers include:
-- Melanie Nakagawa (Natural Resources Defense Council) will announce NRDC's Global Safe Water Project focusing on international drinking water and sanitation.
-- Gil Garcetti, photographer, will introduce Water is Key, his book of photographs (underwritten by the Hilton Foundation) documenting water, sanitation and women in West Africa.
-- Ron Denham (Rotary International) will announce the launch of the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group.
-- Tanvi Nagpal (Global Water Challenge) will discuss this newly-launched initiative of the United Nations Foundation.
-- Jim Hughes (Emory University's Center for Global Safe Water) will address the scale and scope of the global safe drinking water and sanitation challenge.
-- Reverend Al Bailey (New Psalmist Baptist Church) will address the role of his church in tackling this issue on the ground in the developing world.
-- Marty Shupack (Church World Service) will discuss the faith community's advocacy efforts on behalf of safe drinking water.
-- Mark Winter (Millennium Water Alliance) will discuss this unprecedented collaboration of nonprofit organizations coordinating on-the-ground programs on behalf of water and sanitation.

Water Advocates is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing American support for worldwide access to safe, affordable, and sustainable drinking water and adequate sanitation. For more information, contact: 202-293-4002 or info@wateradvocates.org


Among other recent headlines:

GE to host World Water Day open panel discussion with industry experts at Cooper Union -- NEW YORK, March 19, 2007 -- Did you know, according to the UN, 1.1 billion people do not have access to drinking water today and millions of people die each year from water related illnesses? On World Water Day, Thursday, March 22, GE will host an open panel discussion to explore the increasing economic, social and technological impact water scarcity presents and the growing role industry, sustainable design and technology plays in helping solve this global crisis. Panel topics include: how today and tomorrow's generation can make a difference in increasing access to fresh usable water; sustainable growth practices and designs; global trends affecting the world's water supplies; and social, economic and technological challenges of water scarcity. Among the panel members are: Andrew Shapiro, GreenOrder, founder and CEO -- moderator; Jeff Fulgham, GE Water & Process Technologies, senior vice president of Sustainability; Alana Libow, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, analyst; and Rives Taylor, Gensler Architecture Firm, sustainable design expert. The event will include donation by GE Water of a "Water Sustainability Sculpture" created by Cooper Union artist and student, Lena Imamura...
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International Aid launches Global Safe Water Initiative -- Unveils portable BioSand filter for use in developing world; New University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill study indicates BioSand technology yields significant health benefit; Dow Chemical among donors funding research into new filter's use in Africa, Central America, Asia; First International Aid filters arrive in Dominican Republic and Honduras -- SPRING LAKE, MI, March 19, 2007 -- Leading humanitarian health care agency, International Aid, today announced a major safe water initiative that will help address the growing health crisis caused by lack of access to clean water in developing countries worldwide. As the centerpiece of its safe water program, the agency introduced a new, lightweight water filter that combines proven filtration technology, known as BioSand, with an innovative plastic design. International Aid believes the simplicity and affordability of the new unit have the potential to make a dramatic impact on the global water crisis. The agency announced its new initiative in advance of the United Nations' World Day for Water 2007, whose observance on March 22 will focus on water's critical importance to life and health....

Dow Water Solutions creates model to determine lifetime of ADSORBSIA GTO arsenic removal media under varying water quality conditions -- Study to be presented at NGWA Conference -- MIDLAND, MI, March 19, 2007 -- Dow Water Solutions has successfully created a model that accurately determines the lifetime of adsorptive arsenic removal media based on the chemistry of the water being treated. Results of the semi-empirical study, titled "Predicting Arsenic Removal Lifetime for ADSORBSIA™ GTO™ Media," will be presented at the 2007 National Ground Water Association's (NGWA's) "Naturally Occurring Contaminants Conference: Arsenic, Radium, Radon, Uranium," held in Charleston, S.C. on March 22-23. The study, authored by Fredrick W. Vance, development specialist, and Geofrey P. Onifer, New Business Development project manager, of Dow Water Solutions, predicts the impact of water quality on the performance of adsorptive arsenic removal media and also highlights the importance of media selection and performance to the overall water treatment system design...
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O.I. Corp. announces contract with the U.S. Army -- COLLEGE STATION, TX, March 19, 2007 -- O.I. Corp., doing business as OI Analytical, today announced that it entered into a contract with the U.S. Army on March 12 to develop an "Online Inexpensive Total Organic Carbon Detector." Under the contract, OI will design, assemble, and deliver a prototype Online Total Organic Carbon Detector for water analysis. The estimated Phase 1 value for the contract is $402,567 with a potential total contract value of $1,251,984. The company's work on this project will begin immediately and will take place at the company's facility in College Station, Texas, with the first phase having a period of performance not to exceed 4 months. O.I. Analytical provides innovative products used for chemical analysis...

Emerson combines remote automation technologies, services of Bristol, Fisher, Daniel and Mobrey -- Industry leader creates new and dynamic Remote Automation Solutions division focused on providing innovative results driven solutions to help customers achieve maximum performance -- WATERTOWN, CT, March 19, 2006 -- Emerson today announced that it has created a new division to better serve the remote measurement and control needs of the oil, gas, water, and wastewater treatment industries. The new Remote Automation Solutions division combines Emerson's Bristol®, Fisher®, Daniel, and Mobrey remote technology products and services into one larger, dynamic business. The combination of these longstanding products along with years of industry expertise within remote automation solutions will provide many important benefits to customers. Emerson will strengthen its leadership position in remote automation technology in areas such as integrated remote measurement and control solutions, autonomous wireless instrumentation, seamless communication integration, and system health diagnostics. The result of Emerson's integrated architecture, innovative technologies and industry expertise will help customers achieve maximum performance and a competitive edge. The new division will continue to offer flow computers, remote terminal units (RTUs), presets, instruments, and engineering services under the Bristol, Bristol® ControlWave™, FloBoss™ ROC, and Danload product brands through existing sales channels without any disruption in service to customers. Jack Kelly, formerly president of Emerson's Bristol division, is named president of the Remote Automation Solutions division and Jon Milliken, formerly president of the Flow Computer Division, is named executive vice president...

NSF International, CARSO-LSEHL sign cooperative agreement -- Agreement facilitates certification to French ACS requirements for drinking water product manufacturers -- LYON, France -- NSF International and CARSO-Laboratoire Santé et Environnement Hygiène de Lyon (LSEHL) today announced a first-of-a-kind agreement to offer testing services for the French Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire (ACS) registration. ACS is a French standard, accepted throughout Europe, for plumbing fittings that come in contact with drinking water including metallic, cementitious and organic materials, and products such as pipes, valves, faucets, pumps, storage and pressure tanks. CARSO- LSEHL is the premier institution in France for Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire product evaluation services. This cooperative agreement will enable NSF to offer streamlined certification services in new markets and expanded opportunities for our customers. It's part of NSF International's overall commitment to expand international cooperation in the area of testing/certification for products that come in contact with drinking water. Greater international cooperation will simplify and expedite the approvals process for manufacturers who export their products to multiple countries. NSF customers will be able to obtain ACS registration, and CARSO-LSEHL customers will now have access to streamlined NSF testing and certification services. The new partnership will help facilitate product approvals for manufacturers that make products used in drinking water applications. Applications for ACS approval must be supported by information on the chemical composition and specifications of the materials used in the manufacturing and application of the product...
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Ralph Gabriel honored as Hydraulic Institute Member of the Year -- PARSIPPANY, NJ, March 19, 2007 -- Ralph Gabriel, chief engineer at John Crane Inc., based in Morton Grove, IL, has been honored as the Hydraulic Institute (HI) Member of the Year. The award was presented to Gabriel at HI's 90th Annual Meeting, recently held in San Antonio, TX. Gabriel has led the Seals Committee since its inception in 1998 and played a principal role in the development of the latest Hydraulic Institute publication, Mechanical Seals for Pumps: Application Guidelines. The committee's original intent was to create a series of smaller guides, white papers, and other technical material. The project was expanded to book length after HI working in cooperation with The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA), who provided their handbook as source material. Gabriel and the committee worked for more than four years before publishing Mechanical Seals for Pumps in January 2007...

Alfa Laval strengthens its position within U.S. sanitary processing industries -- STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 16, 2007 -- Alfa Laval, a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling -- has signed an agreement to acquire the American company DSO Fluid Handling. DSO is a manufacturer of predominantly parts for pumps and valves for the sanitary processing industries. "The acquisition of DSO is in line with Alfa Laval's acquisition strategy of targeting companies that complement our existing business in terms of products, geography or new sales channels with a rapid contribution to profitable growth," says Lars Renström, President and CEO of Alfa Laval. "In this case we are adding a complementary channel for replacement parts to the sanitary processing industries, mainly targeted in the US." "In line with our multi-brand strategy, DSO will continue to sell its products under its own brand." DSO had a turnover in 2006 of about SEK 50 million and has approximately 20 employees. DSO is based in Irvington (Newark), New Jersey USA...

Chas. H. Sells now offering stormwater services -- Announces new hire to head up new service -- CARY, NC, March 16, 2007 -- Chas. H. Sells Inc. (SELLS) announced that Andy Hadsell, P.E., CFM, has joined the SELLS Cary, NC, office as its Stormwater Group Leader. Hadsell has nearly a decade of experience working on a variety of projects in the field of water resources throughout the eastern United States. A licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Floodplain Manager, his expertise includes floodplain management, riverine and coastal land development and municipal projects. In addition to designing stormwater management plans for several large land development projects, he was also involved in such projects as the North Carolina State Floodplain Mapping Program, design of the proposed Raleigh House Creek Greenway and hydraulic design of numerous proposed stream crossings (bridges and culverts) throughout the East. With the creation of its Stormwater Group, SELLS is now well positioned and qualified to offer quality services in what has become a dynamic element of public and private land development and transportation projects. The Cary office provides land development, traffic engineering, surveying/GPS, aerial mapping and GIS services to public and private sector clients throughout the region. The addition of the Stormwater Group will allow SELLS to better service our current clients and will assist in cultivating new relationships with clients that are in need of stormwater management solutions...

AMERICANA Conference program now available -- 2007 Pan-American Environmental Technology Trade Show and Conference seeks to reconcile environmental protection and economic development, the challenge of our times -- MONTREAL, QB, Canada, March 16, 2007 -- AMERICANA 2007 will be held from March 20-22 at the Montreal Convention Center. AMERICANA, created in 1995 and held every two years, is the largest environmental technologies trade show and conference in the Americas. The conference program is available at the conference website. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the Honorary President of AMERICANA 2007. About 10,000 participants, 400 exhibitors and 150 speakers from around the world are expected to attend the three-day event organized by Reseau Environnement, the largest environmental industries association in Quebec with more than 1,900 members. The theme for AMERICANA 2007 -- "Environment Fuelling the Economic Engine" -- follows in the footsteps of several recent major scientific and multidisciplinary conferences. The event brings together all environmental sector stakeholders, including government and municipal representatives, business executives, industry leaders, consultants, suppliers and top researchers -- attracting worldwide participation...

CCMP Capital to acquire BOC Edwards' vacuum, semiconductor equipment business -- LONDON, March 12, 2007 -- CCMP Capital, through affiliates of CCMP Capital Advisors LLC and CCMP Capital Asia, Ltd., premier international private equity firms, have reached agreement with The Linde Group, the global gases company, to acquire BOC Edwards, a leading manufacturer of vacuum equipment. The deal is valued at €685m (£460m or US$612.61 million)*, with an additional payment of €65m (£45m or US$86.56 million) if CCMP Capital is successful in developing the business and subsequently exiting its investment. BOC Edwards is a leading global supplier of equipment and services to the world's most advanced industries, including semiconductor, flat panel display, chemical, metallurgical, analytical instrumentation and R&D. It supplies major manufacturers in Asia, Europe and the Americas through a worldwide manufacturing and sales network. The acquisition follows last year's acquisition of The BOC Group by Linde and Linde's announcement last September that it intended to focus on its global gases operations and would review strategic options for the divestment of BOC Edwards. CCMP Capital Advisors and CCMP Capital Asia are acquiring the main vacuum and semiconductor equipment business of BOC Edwards. The pharmaceutical division will remain a subsidiary of The Linde Group...
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