University of Arizona buys BioSentry to support ongoing water quality research

Jan. 3, 2007
JMAR Technologies received an order from the University of Arizona Water Quality Center, the only such facility under jurisdiction of the National Science Foundation, for a BioSentry System to be used in ongoing research for real-time detection, tracking and remediation of bioterror and accidental contamination events within water distribution systems. The city of Tucson is interested in the research to determine if it should install BioSentry in its water treatment and distribution systems...

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 3, 2007 -- JMAR Technologies Inc. has received a purchase order from the University of Arizona Water Quality Center for a BioSentry™ System to be used in extensive ongoing research for real-time detection, tracking and remediation of bioterror and accidental contamination events within water distribution systems. The city of Tucson is also interested in the planned research to further determine the expected value of installing BioSentry in its water treatment and distribution systems.

The University's Water Quality Center is the only water quality facility in the country under the jurisdiction of The National Science Foundation and is a leader in the analysis of biological contaminants.

"Water Quality is a critical factor affecting human health and welfare. Any advance in our ability to preserve or enhance the quality of our water supplies is likely to come through state-of-the-art research," states Ian Pepper, Director, University of Arizona's Water Quality Center. "The BioSentry System is a welcome addition to our research laboratory and we're looking forward to evaluating its real-time detection capability and its effectiveness in real-world drinking water applications."

The BioSentry System will be installed in the Water Quality Center's "Water Village" facility at the Environmental Research Laboratory. This research community of four individual houses, each plumbed with unique distribution lines, is designed to be a "one-of-a-kind" place to test and measure pathogens in near-real-life conditions, and for collaboration between industry, academia, engineering and environmental science.

"We're very pleased to have BioSentry involved in the groundbreaking research being conducted at the Water Quality Center," said Neil Beer, president and CEO of JMAR. "Combined with the positive initial results from testing in progress at EPA's National Homeland Security Research Center, this research will further demonstrate the BioSentry's pathogen detection and classification capabilities." EPA testing will continue over the next several months.

The Arizona Water Quality Center ( consists of a prestigious group of research scientists within The University of Arizona (UA) and Arizona State University (ASU). Being a multi-university Center enhances the ability of both universities to achieve national status in the field. This interdisciplinary group of microbiologists, chemists, physicists, hydrologists and engineers work together to resolve water quality problems. Funding for the Center is supplied by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and a variety of companies and agencies that are interested in specific water quality issues. This dynamic industry-university relationship makes the Arizona Water Quality Center unique. The combination of university expertise and corporate and government funding leads to scientific discoveries that can enhance water quality for the community at large.

JMAR Technologies Inc. ( is a leading innovator in the development of laser-based technology and x-ray processes for nano-scale imaging, analysis and fabrication. The Company is leveraging more than a decade of laser and photonics research to develop a portfolio of products with commercial applications in rapidly growing industries, while continuing to carry out research and development for the U.S. Government.

JMAR's flagship commercialization product, BioSentry, is a contamination warning system for waterborne microorganisms. It uses laser-based, multi-angle light scattering technology to provide continuous, on-line, real-time monitoring for harmful microorganisms. BioSentry is targeted toward a number of applications across multiple markets, including homeland security, the cruise ship and beverage industries, pharmaceutical companies and municipal water utilities.

JMAR's pursuit of leading edge products targets nanotechnology, bioscience and the semiconductor industries with its BriteLight™ laser, a stand-alone product as well as the x-ray light source in nanolithography systems; the X-ray Microscope for 3D visualization of single cells and polymers; and the X-ray NanoProbe for enabling nano-scale interaction, analysis and materials modification. In addition, JMAR employs key strategic alliances for the production of a hazardous materials chemical sensor, and the prototyping and production of a nanoparticle ultra-thin coating system.


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