USFilter manages physical access, liability at Atlanta-Fulton County's water treatment facility

USFilter selected CyberLock to replace mechanical lock system at one of largest such facilities in the state of Georgia, and went on to implement the new, advanced locking system facility-wide...

The Challenge: Protecting Atlanta, GA's, Area Water

ATLANTA, Nov. 12, 2007 -- The Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Facility located in Alpharetta, GA, is one of the largest in the state. The facility is operated by USFilter, which manages more than 550 water and wastewater treatment facilities throughout the United States. Atlanta-Fulton Water had diverse access control challenges that included securing main entrances and office doors, as well as storage areas, padlocks, gates, computer cabinets that house the control systems for their plant, and chemical feed areas.

USFilter selected CyberLock to replace the facility's mechanical lock system, and went on to implement the new, advanced locking system facility-wide. They chose the electronic lock system for its increased security features and ease of installation. Terry Jones, assistant project manager for USFilter, says, "CyberLock has done everything that I was told it could do, and more." Jones states that lost or stolen keys can be easily blocked and access to locks can be individually programmed in each person's key. A complete audit trail from the key and the lock can be retrieved, and last, a single key can be used to open all the different types of locks and padlocks at the facility.

Jones adds, "With the addition of CyberLock, security has vastly improved. The inherent problems of maintaining a mechanical key system, including re-keying and re-coring, are tasks relegated to the past. We have been able to implement and maintain an increased security plan when alert levels issued by the government change rapidly."

About the Author: Andy Hilverda is vice president of Videx Inc. (, a company that designs and manufactures security products and CyberLock® electronic lock systems for municipal water districts and other industries.


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