Ecovation to acquire Biotim's anaerobic treatment technologies for U.S. market

Nov. 14, 2007
Former licensing agreement becomes full U.S. acquisition. Ecovation acquiring Belgium-based Biotim N.V.'s technologies for exclusive U.S. use will continue its growth in the wastewater space to include new solutions for dilute waste streams and high waste flow industries, especially breweries and pulp & paper. The acquisition includes technical knowledge of all Biotim anaerobic processes, the right to commercialize this technology independent of Biotim, and an exclusive trademark license...

ROCHESTER, NY, Nov. 13, 2007 -- Ecovation, a developer of value-driven green energy systems incorporating anaerobic digestion technology, today announced that it has signed a contract to acquire the technologies of Belgium-based Biotim N.V., a leading European supplier of anaerobic treatment systems, in the United States. The acquisition includes technical knowledge of all Biotim anaerobic processes, the right to commercialize this technology independent of Biotim, and an exclusive trademark license. Biotim is owned by Waterleau, a Belgian company dedicated to the development of proprietary and advanced environmental technologies for water, air, waste treatment and renewable energy, and the design, build, and operation of systems based on these technologies worldwide.

Ecovation designs, builds and operates wastewater management systems for clients in a variety of industries. Employing patented MFT, Krofta, and other licensed technologies, Ecovation's wastewater treatment solutions offer superior performance and require a much smaller footprint. Many of Ecovation's systems produce renewable biogas that can assist in offsetting energy consumption at clients' facilities.

"Ecovation's ability to provide customized, high-quality solutions to address our clients' waste stream needs in an environmentally sensitive manner is the root of the company's success," said Diane C. Creel, Chairman and CEO of Ecovation. "In acquiring Biotim technology in the U.S., we are able to further expand our offering and cater to a wider breadth of clients."

Biotim's cornerstone technology, the Biotim® UASB (upflow anaerobic sludge blanket), incorporates a proprietary three-phase settler design that allows for high loading capacity and efficient energy recovery. Along with the UASB, the Biotim UAC (upflow anaerobic contact), AF (anaerobic filter), and hybrid reactor will allow Ecovation to offer a broader range of effective solutions to customers with dilute waste streams and very high flows. Ecovation now has superior versions of technologies with long track records in certain industries such as brewery, pulp & paper, and corn wet milling.

"Cementing the relationship between Biotim and Ecovation will reinforce our established reputations within the industry," said Luc Vriens, Managing Director of Biotim. "Ecovation shares our vision of producing custom-tailored, value-driven solutions for our clients -- we feel that Ecovation is the right company to bring our technologies to the U.S. market."

Biotim ( serves customers in the private and public sectors with innovative, flexible solutions for the treatment of wastewater (industrial and municipal), potable water, process water and sludge. In addition to its cornerstone product, the Biotim® UASB (upflow anaerobic sludge blanket), the company also developed and offers other processes, including the upflow anaerobic contact and anaerobic filter. The company provides turn-key construction of new plants, as well as upgrades to existing water treatment plants.

Waterleau (, Biotim's parent company, also has a portfolio of technologies for water production, air treatment, sludge and biosolids treatment and waste-to-energy. Together, they have over 1,000 references globally for both industrial and municipal clients.

Ecovation ( provides value-driven, sustainable solutions to meet the wastewater management and renewable energy needs of industrial clients. Ecovation's customized wastewater treatment solutions include the patented Mobilized Film Technology (MFTSM), as well as other proprietary and complementary technologies available through exclusive licensing agreements. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Krofta Technologies, LLC, Ecovation offers a full line of dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems for water and wastewater treatment. Based in Victor, NY, Ecovation has multiple facilities installed and operating for major Fortune 500 clients.


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