Cyco Software is now BlueCielo ECM Solutions

April 16, 2007
Cyco Software, a leading global software company offering Engineering Content Management (ECM) solutions, today announced that its company name will be changed to BlueCielo ECM Solutions with immediate effect. The name change reflects its new corporate approaches...

• Cyco Software announces name change to reflect new corporate strategies, adoption of a full services business model and mission to make engineering content accessible across the enterprise

RIJSWIJK, THE NETHERLANDS, April 16, 2007 -- Cyco Software, a leading global software company offering Engineering Content Management (ECM) solutions, today announced that its company name will be changed to BlueCielo ECM Solutions with immediate effect. The name change reflects its new corporate approaches: the strategic repositioning of the company as a solutions provider, where in the past it has primarily operated as a product organization; the company's focus on providing integrated solutions for specific vertical markets, where it has previously had a generic market approach, and the reinforcement of its new Taking Engineering Data Management (EDM) to the Enterprise mission to make engineering content accessible to the entire organization, where in the past its software products have focused solely on facilitating collaboration within the engineering department.

As a solutions provider, BlueCielo will have closer contact with its clients and provide professional services, both directly and in continued collaboration with its resellers. Its fresh focus on providing integrated solutions for specific vertical markets such as energy, oil and gas, petrochemical, government, pharmaceutical and manufacturing will mean tight integration with business applications like MRO Software's maintenance management software Maximo and the development of industry-specific asset management solutions that support relevant regulatory compliance.

BlueCielo will carry out its Taking EDM to the Enterprise objective by connecting its ECM solutions to popular company-wide Enterprise Content Management systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint and most recently, EMC's Documentum, and Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as SAP -- thus providing top-grade, enterprise-scale software solutions that help companies worldwide benefit from improved efficiency and reduced costs by sharing engineering content, data, documents and information across the organization.

In the name BlueCielo, Cielo is a widely recognizable word that means 'sky' in multiple languages -- Italian, Portuguese and Spanish -- chosen because the sky connects people regardless of work culture, time or place. Combining multiple languages in the BlueCielo name demonstrates the company's ambition to remove barriers between people who speak different business languages within an organization (in the engineering and other departments) and connect them. It also underlines the company's truly international presence and its goal to support clients on a worldwide scale.

"The name change to BlueCielo ECM Solutions indicates the changes in our strategic direction, which have already been recently tried and proven with our latest global boost in growth. Our new strategies and strong focus on providing fully integrated enterprise-ready ECM solutions in 2006 led to our highest overall revenue growth in 10 years, with an expanding customer base in over 50 countries," says Martijn Janmaat, BlueCielo CEO. "The BlueCielo name is also aspirational and points towards our dynamic, innovative and out-of-the-box-thinking corporate ethos that is at the same time grounded in over 20 years of industry experience."

The term Engineering Content Management (ECM) best describes BlueCielo's software solutions, which enable companies to manage and exchange engineering content -- drawings, data, technical asset information and related files -- with the rest of the (extended) organization, including internal departments, contractors, suppliers and customers. With BlueCielo's ECM solutions, asset owners can quickly manage design and maintenance projects, eliminating inefficiencies and errors in every step of the asset lifecycle.

BlueCielo's company logo has been designed to reflect the company's branding and mission. It features its new signature sky and bird to create the aesthetic of opportunity, agility and border-crossing reach.

The company's successful AutoManager product line will be renamed InnoCielo. The new product name demonstrates BlueCielo's commitment to continuous innovation and its constant research and development of new software technologies to always find new and better ways of meeting the ECM needs of enterprises. More details on product name changes will follow in a separate announcement.

BlueCielo's ECM solutions are used in multiple vertical industries worldwide in companies such as Biwater, EDF Energy, Entergy Nuclear, ExxonMobil, Finnish Rail, the Franke Group, Hewlett Packard, Huntsman, Met-Mex Penoles, Petrobras, Pfizer, RWE, Shell and many more.

BlueCielo ECM Solutions (formerly Cyco Software) provides Engineering Content Management and Application Integration solutions for multiple vertical industries including energy, oil & gas, petrochemical, government, pharmaceutical, and discrete and process manufacturing. BlueCielo has more than two decades of industry experience with over 275,000 users in 50+ countries worldwide. The company has offices in the USA, UK, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands, together with an extensive global network of established partners. BlueCielo ensures a high level of service and support on a truly worldwide scale for its leading InnoCielo (formerly AutoManager) software solutions.


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