Hydroxyl wins $1.1M industrial wastewater treatment contract from Mizkan Americas

Feb. 22, 2007
Hydroxyl Systems Inc. has been awarded a US$1.1 million contract from Mizkan Americas Inc. for the turnkey supply of an ActiveCell biological wastewater treatment system. The system will process 20,000 gpd of high-strength industrial wastewater produced from food processing operations at Mizkan America's Crossville, TN, facility. It will significantly lower the level of BOD and TSS the facility discharges to the city wastewater treatment plant as well as resulting surcharge fees it's charged...

Crossville, TN, food processing operation to employ turnkey ActiveCell™ biological wastewater treatment system

VICTORIA, BC, Canada, Feb. 22, 2007 -- Hydroxyl Systems, Inc. announced today that the company has been awarded a US$1.1 million contract from Mizkan Americas Inc. for the turnkey supply of an ActiveCell™ biological wastewater treatment system.

Hydroxyl's ActiveCell™ advanced wastewater treatment technology will process 20,000 gallons a day of high-strength industrial wastewater produced from food processing operations at Mizkan America's Crossville, TN, facility. By integrating ActiveCell technology, Mizkan Americas will significantly lower the level of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS) it discharges to the city of Crossville Wastewater Treatment Plant. This will substantially reduce Mizkan Americas' regulatory surcharges for wastewater effluent discharge, and enable the facility to reliably meet the increasingly stringent discharge parameters of the Industrial Sewer Use Ordinance adopted by the city of Crossville.

"Mizkan Americas selected Hydroxyl's ActiveCell solution for this project following a year of comprehensive review and engineering design," said John Prahler, Mizkan Americas Director of Engineering. "ActiveCell enables Mizkan to adopt comprehensive on-site wastewater treatment capabilities while minimizing operational costs and ensuring consistent treatment performance. The technology also offers Mizkan the ability to expand wastewater treatment capacity cost-effectively based on future requirements."

Under the terms of the contract, Hydroxyl will provide Mizkan with a full-featured turnkey solution including engineering design, overall project management, as well as complete engineering and environmental technology support for the advanced wastewater treatment project. The ActiveCell system installation has a scheduled start in March 2007 with completion in June 2007.

Equipment supplied within the turnkey wastewater treatment system includes two 15,000 gallon ActiveCell bioreactors equipped with ActiveCell450™ biofilm carriers, customized aeration grids, and carrier retention screens; a dual air blower package equipped with automated speed control; a 100,000 gallon stainless steel equalization tank incorporating a mixer, pH adjustment, nutrient addition, and controlled pumping; a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system for efficient solids removal; and a sludge storage tank with a vertical screw press sludge dewatering system. The system will feature fully automated operation with remote monitoring capabilities to ensure optimum performance with minimal wastewater operator attention.

ActiveCell technology employs robust, reliable next-generation biological wastewater treatment technology. The process biodegrades wastewater using thousands of suspended biofilm carriers that operate within a continuously mixed environment. Each biofilm carrier provides an active surface area sustaining heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria within protected cells. This dynamic population of bacteria achieves high-rate biodegradation productivity within the system, while also offering process resiliency and automated operation. ActiveCell biological wastewater treatment technology enables industrial facilities, marine vessels, communities, and commercial businesses to reliably meet or exceed stringent environmental regulations.

"Hydroxyl is confident this award will strengthen our position in US food and beverage wastewater treatment market sectors as a turnkey supplier of biofilm carrier technology," said Dan Turner, Hydroxyl Vice President, Sales. "This project plays an important role in gaining further business and future customers in markets that hold significant growth potential for Hydroxyl's advanced biological wastewater treatment products."

Mizkan Americas (www.mizkan.com), formerly Nakano Foods, is a subsidiary of Mizkan Group and has a heritage in the condiment business that spans 200 years. The company is a leading manufacturer of condiments in the United States with 9 manufacturing plants that serve the retail foodservice, specialty, Asian and industrial trade channels. Mizkan Americas produces a wide variety of vinegars, mustards, cooking wines, sushi seasoning, jellies, salad dressings, Asian sauces and other liquid condiments. Mizkan Brands include: NAKANO, Four Monks, Holland House, Barengo and Mitsukan.

Hydroxyl Systems Inc. (www.hydroxyl.com) is an integrated systems provider of environmental technology for wastewater treatment. The company is recognized internationally for the development and marketing of ActiveCell biofilm carrier wastewater treatment systems, CleanSea® shipboard wastewater treatment systems, and PhotoStack™ advanced oxidation process technology. It has over 10 years of experience providing specialized processes for industrial wastewater treatment, shipboard wastewater treatment, municipal wastewater upgrades and expansions, decentralized wastewater treatment and the destruction of biorefractory contaminants from process wastewater and groundwater streams. The company is privately held, founded in 1993 with headquarters in Victoria BC, Canada.


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