Evoqua to provide clarifier upgrades at Dayton water reclamation facility

March 15, 2017
Evoqua's Municipal Division will replace eight 160-ft. clarifier tanks with stainless steel secondary clarifiers.

PITTSBURGH, PA, MARCH 14, 2017 -- Evoqua Water Technologies has been selected to provide clarifier upgrades for the Dayton Water Reclamation Facility in Dayton, Ohio. Evoqua worked closely with its sales representative, Henry P. Thompson Company, on the upgrade project.

The City of Dayton, Water Reclamation Facility is responsible for meeting high water quality standards before treated wastewater is discharged into the Great Miami River. When their clarifier equipment reached the end of its useful life, Evoqua was selected based on product performance, quality standards, and the ability to retrofit existing equipment without major structural changes.

Evoqua's Municipal Division will replace eight 160-ft. clarifier tanks with stainless steel secondary clarifiers featuring the advanced Tow-Bro® Hydraulic Sludge Removal System and FEDWA Energy Dissipating Inlet (EDI), both part of the Envirex® product family. The FEDWA EDI reduces flow velocities and improves flocculation for more efficient solids settling and increased treatment capacity. The Tow-Bro System quickly and effectively removes settled solids with a hydraulic unitube header.

For municipalities with high water quality standards, upgrading with the FEDWA EDI and Tow-Bro system is the optimal clarifier solution. These advanced technologies work together to reduce sludge retention time and improve effluent quality, significantly reducing the potential for denitrification and phosphorus release.

Evoqua has more than 100 years of experience with high performance clarifier technologies through its Envirex family of products. For more information, visit www.evoqua.com/envirex.

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