Biosolids drying technology, total biosolids management service announced

Jan. 27, 2017
With Vulcan Systems and Mannco Wastewater & Soil Solutions, municipalities now have a risk free, sustainable, and complete biosolids management solution.  

MOBERLY, MO, JANUARY 27, 2017 -- Mannco Wastewater & Soil Solutions, a leading U.S. biosolids management company, and Vulcan Systems, an industry leader in organic waste drying and pelletizing systems, are proud to announce their joint development of a new biosolids drying technology and their exclusive partnership to offer and sell such technology, and to use such technology to provide total biosolids management services, to municipal wastewater treatment plants in the U.S., Mexico, and Cuba.

Vulcan® and Mannco have jointly developed a mobile, scalable, low cost, energy efficient biosolids drying system that produces a pathogen free, uniform size and weight Exceptional Quality (EQ) biosolid prill that can be used in row crop agriculture and on pastures, turf grasses and landscaped spaces, blended with commercially produced fertilizers, and land applied using the most advanced fertilizer applicators. Through this partnership, municipalities now have a risk free, sustainable, and complete biosolids management solution that will not require that they invest in expensive biosolids drying equipment or be responsible for the hiring and managing of employees who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of biosolids drying equipment or the removal of thermal dried biosolids from their plants.

As the 3rd largest purchaser and reseller of EQ biosolids in the U.S., Mannco and its Top Choice Organic TM brand of biosolids are well known and established in the industry. At its core, Mannco is a proponent of protecting the environment and improving the fertility and productivity of America's farmland using renewable resources. "Maintaining soil fertility, preventing the steady depletion of organic matter in topsoils, and protecting our water resources are major challenges that will have to be solved by today's farmers. There is no better product on the market today to help our farmers accomplish these objectives than thermal dried EQ biosolids, which contain an abundance of organic nitrogen and carbon. It is our goal to be the leading producer, distributor and reseller of the highest quality of EQ biosolids offered in the U.S. agricultural market," stated Bradley Mannis, CEO of Mannco. Extending its biosolids management solutions, with the Vulcan® Systems partnership, provides yet another way for Mannco to do just that.

Vulcan® Systems has extensive experience in manufacturing equipment to produce Class A PFRP dry pelletized fertilizer from biosolids, animal manure, and organic waste. Vulcan® Systems' and Mannco's containerized biosolids drying system comes complete with skiffs for storing and transporting the factory preassembled system, which can be easily and quickly deployed without major infrastructure or building construction. Automated controls and advanced instrumentation, along with simple, reliable operation, ensure the safe and steady processing of wet biosolids to produce a high quality Class A, EQ biosolid in compliance with EPA 503 Title 40 regulations.

Preston Whitney, Vice President of Business Development for Vulcan® Systems, stated, "What really appealed to us about Mannco is its dedication to providing a holistic solution for the management of biosolids for wastewater treatment plants. There are biosolids management companies, and there are dryer manufacturers. What Mannco can offer is a catalog of customizable options that are economically, operationally and environmentally advantageous to municipalities, including the biosolids drying equipment for purchase or supplied as a part of their comprehensive biosolids management service, including their handling, transportation, marketing, sale and beneficial reuse of the resulting Class A, EQ biosolids. It is a total solution – in effect, they handle the removal of all biosolids from the municipality. Our partnership really is a win win, and we are proud to work with them."

About Mannco
Mannco is a Conway, Arkansas based company, which specializes in soil fertility, the purchase, marketing, distribution, and sale of Class A EQ biosolids, and biosolids management services for municipal wastewater treatment plants. Mannco has developed supplemental product quality standards for EQ biosolids for the purpose of satisfying specific needs of the row crop agriculture industry. Since 1998, Mannco enterprises have funded several public university agricultural research projects for the purpose of proving and documenting the soil fertility, crop production, and environmental benefits of land applying EQ biosolids and have developed best practices for the production, management, storage, handling, transportation, marketing and use of EQ biosolids. Since its founding, Mannco has purchased, distributed and sold over 550,000 tons of thermal dried biosolids from wastewater treatment facilities located in the U.S.

About Vulcan®
Vulcan® Systems, an international leader in thermal technology headquartered in Moberly, Missouri, specializes in engineering and manufacturing equipment for drying, calcining and thermal desorption processes. Vulcan® Systems serves clients on six continents and in more than 80 countries, utilizing vast experience and know how to create safe, efficient and reliable thermal systems for a wide variety of processes, including animal feed, animal manure, automotive shredder residue, biomass, coal fines, fly ash, minerals and spent catalyst drying, as well as drill cuttings and tank bottom remediation, and RCRA waste processing.