Handbooks for textile processing chemicals, industrial surfactants released

Aug. 18, 2004
Research and Markets, a global market research and consulting firm based in Ireland, has announced the addition of two new handbooks to its product offerings...

DUBLIN, Ireland, Aug. 17, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Research and Markets, a global market research and consulting firm based in Dublin, has announced the addition of two new handbooks to its product offerings.

The Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals focuses on products used in almost every aspect of industry including apparel, household products (wallpaper, carpet, upholstery), tire reinforcements, insulation, filter media, and packaging. Chemicals are an integral part of the textile manufacturing process which includes bleaching, dying and printing, conditioning, and finishing.

This reference, which comes in book and software versions, integrates data on more than 11,400 of these trade name and generic chemicals used in the overall manufacture and delivery of textiles. It includes:
-- In these application areas such as -- Bleaching, Conditioning, Coating, Dyeing/Printing, Effluent Treatment Fiber/Filament/Yarn Processing, Finishing, Laminating, Pre-treatment, Scouring, Sizing and Wet Processing
-- More than 8,700 trade name products
-- More than 2,700 generic products with 9,300 fully cross-referenced synonyms (hyperlinked in software version)
-- More than 9,100 Functional/Application Categories in a detailed index format
-- CAS, EINECS/ELINCS number and Chemical Formula index More than 2,000 International Manufacturers and their branches

Also now available is the new Third Edition of The Handbook of Industrial Surfactants, which will be of special interest to: Chemical Engineers, Chemical Technologists, Chemical Formulators, Research Chemists, Plant Managers, Sales Personnel, Project Planners, Government Regulators, Safety Officers, Market Researchers, Patent & Trademark Specialists, Purchasing Agents, Chemical Brokers, Industrial & Technical Libraries, Consultants.

They'll find a wide range of surfactants in this reference that function as: Antifoam, Defoamers, Detergents, Dispersants, Emulsifiers/Demulsifiers, Foam builders, Foam stabilizers, Solubilizers, Surfactant intermediates, Surfactant raw materials, Wetting/Dewetting/Rewetting agents, etc.

This is the most comprehensive international guide of its kind with almost 30,000 trade name and generic surfactant chemicals and materials. This third edition of the book set is completely updated from the 1997-printed edition. The 2002 CD release is a comprehensive update of the 2000 software release. The Handbook of Surfactants in CD or book format continues to be the standard reference for professionals involved in the procurement, marketing, formulation, and research of surfactants.

Market Research's website can be found at www.researchandmarkets.com


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