NSFC offers two new informational products

Jan. 23, 2004
Two new products are now available from the National Small Flows Clearinghouse.

MORGANTOWN, WV, Jan. 23, 2004 -- Two new products are now available from the National Small Flows Clearinghouse.

"Evaluating Customer Response to Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Options," (Item #WWCDMG22), is a CD that presents the results of a study conducted in 2000 designed to help the National Decentralized Water Resources Capacity Development Project (NDWRCDP) gauge user attitudes and preferences toward distributed wastewater treatment systems and management options.

The study's objectives include the following:

-Identify customer attitudes regarding water quality and the adequacy of their current septic systems, alternative wastewater solutions, and who has primary responsibility for wastewater issues.

-Identify the contextual factors affecting customer attitudes and preferences related to water quality and wastewater issues.

-Identify tradeoffs customers make between septic systems and connecting to sewer systems and their willingness to pay for third-party septic system management.

-Identify how different types of customers would make decisions about wastewater solutions differently.

Data from The Septic System Survey 2000, conducted by North Carolina State University, was analyzed to help address the research objectives. Despite the lack of market penetration achieved by advanced wastewater treatment technologies and the current uncertainty regarding future adoption of these systems and of management and maintenance services, the survey analysis indicates there are future opportunities for decentralized wastewater treatment technologies and related services.

The study also identifies opportunities for future NDWRCDP research. This product will be of interest to public health officials, local officials, planners, researchers, state officials, and the state regulatory agencies. The CD is free. Shipping charges do apply.

"Buzzard's bay "sep track" initiative: demonstrating practical tools for watershed Management Through the Natural Estuary Program," (Item # WWFSMG25). The Buzzard's Bay Watershed includes 432 square miles and a population of nearly 236,000. Approximately half the homes utilize onsite systems to treat wastewater. Problematic onsite systems have lead to the contamination of waters resulting in the closure of shellfish beds and other water-contact recreation activities. Local boards of health typically lack the ability to efficiently and effectively monitor septic system permits, inspection, and maintenance information due to insufficient staffing and information processing equipment and systems.

The SepTrack Demonstration Project provided computers and specialized software to communities to allow them to better manage information related to onsite systems, thereby freeing staff time for better design review and enforcement and to identify patterns of failure. Success stories along with lessons learned from the project are included in this overview of the Buzzards Bay "SepTrack" Initiative.

This product could be useful to anyone involved with the management of septic systems, local officials, public health officials, state regulatory agencies, managers, state officials and the general public. The booklet is free. Shipping charges do apply.

To learn more about these products, visit the New Products Page on the NSFC Web Site www.nesc.wvu.edu/nsfc/nsfc_new_products.htm

To place your order, call (800) 624-8301 or (304) 293-4191. Orders also may be faxed to (304) 293-3161 or sent via e-mail [email protected]

Located at West Virginia University, the NSFC is a nonprofit organization funded by the U.S. EPA to provide free and low-cost information about small community wastewater treatment. For more information, call the NSFC at (800) 624-8301 and request a free information packet or visit NSFC's Web site at www.nsfc.wvu.edu

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