ThermoEnergy's ammonia recovery process wins European patent allowance

New process allows municipal wastewater treatment plant operators to upgrade plant performance and generate greenhouse gas credits...

LITTLE ROCK, AR, Nov. 4, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) --ThermoEnergy Corp. was recently notified the European patent application on the Ammonia Recovery Process (ARP) has been allowed. The claims included in the ARP patent cover key process areas for nitrogen / ammonia removal and control in municipal and industrial wastewater facilities, as well as large pork and dairy confined farming operations.

ARP offers European wastewater treatment plant operators a reliable, low-cost and environmentally responsible method of treating waste streams containing nitrogen in the form of ammonia. Conventional nitrogen treatment technologies necessitate an increase in the overall size of the existing plant. However, most of these plants, once located on the outskirts of town, now find themselves surrounded by commercial and/or residential populations, leaving little or no room for such expansion. This situation is further complicated by increasingly more stringent federal and state clean water regulations, designed to protect human health and the environment.

ARP is especially effective in treating a particularly high concentrated ammonia stream called centrate; a liquid product resulting from dewatering anaerobically digested sewage sludge or animal waste. The recovery and recycling of this ammonia stream not only reduces odors, but eliminates greenhouse gas emissions associated with making new ammonia and treating the waste water. In this manner, every ton of ammonia recovered saves the equivalent of 6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

"Europe is a key target market for the Company's wastewater treatment technologies," said Dennis C. Cossey, CEO of ThermoEnergy Corp. "Receiving notice that the ARP patent will issue with substantial claims represents a key milestone in pursuing wastewater opportunities in Europe," added Cossey. As emission limits tighten, wastewater treatment plant operators are looking for ways to both improve plant process performance and meet regulatory requirements at the lowest possible cost. "One of the best ways to achieve this goal is with the ARP process," said Cossey.

While the Company prefers to design, build and operate ARP systems for larger plants, it is in the process of developing a model line for direct sale to smaller municipal and industrial operations. "Although marketing studies have yet to be done for direct sales of the smaller models, industry trends suggest a potential overall annual market of $840MM for the Build/Own/Operate segment by 2010," says Cossey.

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