Membrane conference, Dec. 6-7, to focus on process water and reuse

Sept. 22, 2004
With 6% annual growth in $4.8 billion market, rapidly growing membrane/separations technology sector on leading edge of major developments and new applications. Highlighted at event are use of membranes in life sciences, process water applications and water reuse...

STAMFORD, CT, Sept. 21, 2004 -- The 22nd Annual Membrane/Separations Technology Planning Conference will be held Dec. 6-7 in Stamford, Conn., with special emphasis on life sciences, process applications and reuse.

Membranes remain vital to government and industry as evidenced by their range of applications in potable water production; pollution control; power generation; foods and beverages; pharmaceuticals, biotech and medicine; semiconductors and chemicals. New materials, products and processes continue to emerge as membrane scientists strive to enhance separation speed and selectivity and improve membrane properties for non-separating uses.

According to Business Communications Co. Inc. (, host of the upcoming conference, global sales of membranes, a market growing at an estimated 6% annually on average, are estimated to be more than $4.8 billion in 2004, propelled by rapidly growing sectors in some well-established markets as well as promising developing applications. Issues of quantity, quality and aging infrastructure are driving the municipal drinking water/wastewater market, a field where membranes offer "green", efficient and cost competitive treatment. In the life sciences, research in genomics, proteomics and drug discovery require numerous sample preparation separations while pharmaceuticals manufacturing involves a multitude of filtration and purification steps.

In emerging applications, the billions of private and government dollars pumped into fuel cell research are finally resulting in commercial products with a vast potential for membrane use. Gas separations, with a particular emphasis on hydrogen to power the fuel cell future, are also in demand. In the medical field, new membrane-based artificial organs: liver, lung and pancreas, are undergoing clinical trials. These budding new markets have the potential to outstrip even the largest traditional sectors of the membrane industry.

This year's event will concentrate on two major areas that keep becoming more important in terms of industrial interest, product offerings, impressive current sales as well as market potential, technological development. These are:

Membrane in Life Sciences
A potent enabling technology in analysis, discovery lab separations cell culture, virus removal and production. As well as in water treatment.

-- Dr. S. Mookie Sternberg, Baxter Distinguished Scientist, Baxter Healthcare Corp.
-- Herb Lutz, Biotech Marketing Manager, Millipore Corp.

Membranes in Process Water Applications Highlighting Water Reuse
In today's atmosphere of water reuse and recovery, membranes can play a leading role with their benefits of continuous operation, low energy utilization and discreet membrane barriers.

Peter S. Cartwright, PE, President, Cartwright Consulting Co.

For more information, contact conference coordinator Sharon Faust -- 203-853-4266 ext. 304 or [email protected] -- or visit the event's website:


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