USFilter experts share project experience at IWC

Papers presented at International Water Conference - Oct. 17-21 in Pittsburgh - to focus on "Mobile Wastewater Treatment" and "Reliable Operation of RO/EDI Systems"...

SCHAUMBURG, IL, Oct., 8, 2004 -- USFilter will participate in the upcoming International Water Conference in Pittsburgh, Penn., Oct. 17-21, 2004, by presenting two papers that focus on the company's expertise in the water treatment industry.

Bill Perpich, sales engineer at USFilter, will present "Mobile Wastewater Treatment Helps Remediate Highly Concentrated Acidic Pond Water at Piney Point Fertilizer Plant" on Oct. 18. Working with the state of Florida, USFilter provided mobile reverse osmosis equipment to treat approximately 800,000 gallons of water per day from ponds that once contained over 800 million gallons of toxic wastewater, making it pure enough to discharge into the bay without adverse effects.

While the process of electrodeionization (EDI) has been in commercial use for 17 years, it is still not as well understood as the more mature water purification processes such as reverse osmosis and conventional deionization. On Oct. 20, Jonathan Wood and Joseph Gifford will emphasize process design, integration of EDI with other unit operations, and how to avoid scaling, fouling or degradation of EDI modules in their presentation entitled, "Process and Systems Design for Reliable Operation of RO/EDI Systems."

USFilter Corp. (, a Siemens company, delivers cost-effective, reliable water and wastewater treatment systems and services to municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional customers worldwide. It has annual revenues of $1.1 billion, and employs 6,000 worldwide. USFilter is part of Siemens' Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S), which provides innovative solutions and services designed to improve competitiveness in processing and manufacturing industries and in infrastructure.


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