AWWA ACE19 Product Showcase

May 2, 2019
Collection of water industry products and services from companies exhibiting at the AWWA ACE19 Conference and Expo.

Low slope duckbill valve

With all of the global concern for clean water, insect-free drainage pipelines, and NSF61 approvals to ensure safety to our civilization, the ProFlex 711/731 low slope duckbill valve provides an answer. Patent pending.

Proco Products

Booth 3509

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Laboratory monitoring

FlowCam Cyano® uses flow imaging microscopy to detect and identify cyanobacteria and other algae based on pigment and image analysis. Calculate cell counts, concentration and biovolume. Monitor and manage drinking water, recreational, or ecologically significant water bodies.

Fluid Imaging Technologies

Booth 4121

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TOC, total nitrogen analyzers

Shimadzu will be showcasing its laboratory and online total organic carbon analyzers, including a total nitrogen (TN) module at ACE19. When used with the laboratory TOC analyzer, this module can automate TN determinations using a new ASTM method that saves laboratories time and uses less reagent and smaller sample volumes.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

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Security system

McGard is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-security products. The McGard locking pattern technology is unique in the industry. Intimidator security products meet a wide variety of security needs and are used by municipalities, utilities, military facilities and many other locations where security is critical.


Booth 2613

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Piping system

Composed from Advanced PE — the latest evolution in polyethylene resin — and installed using fusion joining technology, Chem Proline® is engineered for use with most chemicals found in the water treatment process. Capable of handling some of the harshest chemical applications with a long-term expected useful life, Chem Proline® offers a greater value over metal, FRP, lined steel, or other thermoplastic piping systems like PVC and CPVC.

Asahi/America, Inc.

Booth 4032

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Trusted THM removal

GridBee® SN Series THM Removal Systems from Medora Corporation are designed to provide maximum benefit in the tank or along the line. Effective and energy-efficient spray volatilization takes into account proper hydraulic design for optimum results; no energy is wasted with head and friction loss. Equipment is portable and can be moved and redeployed. Bring your potable drinking water tanks and distribution systems into Stage 2 DBPR compliance with the industry-leading THM removal solution sized to meet your requirements with no additional infrastructure, no draining tanks, no disruption in service.

Medora Co.

Booth 3036

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Pipe cutting

REED Manufacturing is a leader in tools for water and wastewater. With pipe cutters, pipe bevelers, pumps, tapping and drilling machines, shut-off tools, valve keys and valve exercisers, REED provides an array of professional-grade products for municipalities and underground contractors. Look to REED for pipe cutting solutions.

REED Manufacturing

Booth 3213

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Metering solutions

Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of intelligent water metering solutions. For 70 years, we have delivered reliable, cost-effective ways to measure and manage energy and water consumption worldwide. Our technological leadership coupled with deep customer insight and understanding is our foundation for creating long-term value for our customers.


Booth 4003

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Emergency shutoff

Halogen Valve Systems is the leading manufacturer of electronically actuated emergency shutoff systems for chlorine and sulfur dioxide 150 lb cylinders and ton containers. The controller receives a signal from a leak detector or panic button and instantly sends a signal to the actuators closing all valves within seconds.

Halogen Valve Systems Inc.

Booth 3236

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TOC analyzers

Sievers TOC analyzers from SUEZ help with regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and process optimization for water, wastewater, and reuse projects. Using UV persulfate oxidation and membrane conductivity detection, they cover a dynamic analytical range across a diverse set of applications.

SUEZ Water Technologies

Booth 4142

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Chemical monitoring, control

Force Flow is a leading manufacturer of chemical monitoring and control systems for chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, fluoride, polymer and all other chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment. Weigh scales for cylinders, ton containers, drums, day tanks, and bulk storage tanks. Monitor level, usage and feed rate.

Force Flow Scales

Booth 3236

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Pipe coupling

Krausz HYMAX coupling, clamp and restraint solutions feature advanced engineering and an innovative design we wish to share with the attendees at ACE. Our knowledgeable sales team will be on hand to answer any questions the audience may have about new and existing products.


Booth 823

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Piping, plumbing

SIGMA Corporation offers a wide range of water and wastewater infrastructure products, fire protection, piping and plumbing products, drainage solutions, OEM products and services, and HDPE products. Innovative quality and supply chain processes, with domestic and global sourcing options available.


Booth 1709

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Security systems

With a CyberLock system, it doesn’t matter where the lock is, electronic access control is possible. By eliminating the wire between the lock and the managing software, CyberLock can be installed virtually anywhere. The convenience of a mechanical key system plus the access permission and tracking capability of an electronic access control system come together with CyberLock.


Booth 2336

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Chemical feed sensor

See the all-new ProSeries-M® MS-6 Chemical Feed Sensor at Blue-White’s ACE Booth 1831. MS-6 accurately measures output from your chemical metering pump, and the patent-­pending design provides the widest flow range on the market: 10 to 5,000 mL/min (0.158-79.2 GPH); low pressure drop of less than 1 PSI.

Blue-White® Industries

Booth 1831

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Water quality testing

The new eXact iDip® Tap Professional Kit from Industrial Test Systems is the best insurance to safeguard quality water for all water systems. This preconfigured kit comes with everything needed to start testing: patented reagents and two meters (the eXact iDip photometer and eXact pH+ meter). Packed in a rugged and durable plastic case with secure closing fasteners and padded compartments.

Industrial Test Systems Inc.

Booth 3709

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Beck’s unique electric actuator design incorporates a continuous-duty, no-burnout motor and offers unmatched, virtually maintenance-free valve actuation. Beck actuators improve control and reliability and reduce maintenance. Notable features include Type 4X weatherproof body, industry-leading 3-year warranty, 100% made in the USA.

Harold Beck & Sons

Booth 623

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Process optimization

Endress+Hauser has a wide-range of products, services and solutions designed specifically with your water processes in mind. Innovative technologies covering flow, level, pressure, temperature, liquid analysis and more offer a host of benefits for utilities, consulting engineers, system integrators, OEMs and service personnel.


Booth 1739

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Software platform

The AclaraONE™ software platform for water utilities identifies on-­premise leaks, notifies customers about them, and provides ways to remediate them. The platform offers an end-to-end solution for managing device data in the headend, analyzing it to identify operational efficiencies and using it to engage consumers.


Booth 1214

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The newest Polywrap product on the market is VB3™ Enhanced Polyethylene. This wrap does more than just create a barrier between the pipe and potentially corrosive soils; it also has additives that actually work to fight against corrosion.

AA Thread Seal

Booth 3428

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Underwater robotic systems

Deep Trekker is looking forward to exhibiting at ACE19 with our underwater robotic systems, including the DTG2 ROV, DT340 Pipe Crawler and DT640 Utility Crawler. Industries in water and wastewater are noticing rapid growth and Deep Trekker is contributing to this success by providing portable, affordable and easy-to-use systems to inspect submerged infrastructure.

Deep Trekker

Booth 2448

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Tank covers

CST has installed over 19,000 covers in over 90 countries worldwide. CST’s all-aluminum OptiDome®, flat panel covers, and reservoir covers are versatile enough to permit a wide range of accessories important to the water and wastewater industry. They provide the strength, durability, odor control and protection characteristics unavailable in steel, plastic, fabric or any other materials of construction. CST’s advanced OptiDome is designed to meet Eurocode, Aluminum Association’s 2010 Aluminum Design Manual, IBC-2012, AWWA-D108, API-650G; and flat panel covers are designed to meet ASCE7-10 and IBC-2012. Visit us at Booth 2014 at ACE19!

CST Industries

Booth 2014

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Pipe and valve support

Mechanical stress on plastic piping systems is one of the leading causes of premature leaks. Typical pipe clamp products often create unintended fixed points throughout piping systems that permanently lock in stress. To address this challenge, GF Piping Systems (GF) has introduced a new pipe guide and valve support system specifically designed to eliminate stress transfer to plastic pipe caused by normal thermal expansion and contraction, improper installation, or seismic events. The new Stress Less® Pipe and Valve Support System from GF maximizes the service life of PP, PVDF, HDPE, PVC, CPVC, and ABS industrial piping systems by providing proper support.

GF Piping

Booth 814

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Ductile iron pipe

McWane Ductile has been an industry leader in the manufacture of water distribution and infrastructure products since 1921. With three U.S. foundries, McWane Ductile continues to innovate, to continually meet customer needs, and to provide superior service while supplying ductile iron pipe to customers across North America with an unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

McWane Ductile

Booth 2810

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Contaminant monitoring

Need to monitor organic contaminants in water and wastewater streams? The 9210p Online TOC Analyzer was developed from 45 years of experience, so it addresses important issues like performance, reliability, simplicity, and cost effectiveness. This instrument provides fast, accurate results that allow you to rapidly adjust the treatment process and more precisely control coagulation, flocculation, and formation of disinfection by-products, helping your facility stay in compliance and reduce costs.

OI Analytical, a Xylem Brand

Booth 1503

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Smart metering

The next generation in E-Series® Ultrasonic water meters from Badger Meter are designed for high measurement accuracy and long-term reliability. They are ideal for measuring potable cold water in commercial and industrial applications that experience wide fluctuations in water demand.

Badger Meter

Booth 2608

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Cloud-based data security

Cloud-based Neptune® 360™ provides your water utility with useful insights and analysis that you can share with ease. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is designed to grow with your needs without adding IT infrastructure. Win your day with Neptune.

Neptune Technology Group

Booth 2703

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Earthquake joint

AMERICAN manufactures 4-inch through 12-foot diameter iron and steel pipe, gate valves to 66 inches, and the Darling and Waterous brands of fire hydrants in a wide variety of linings and coatings, including new zinc coating for ductile iron. Our seismic- and hazard-resistant earthquake joint offers substantial expansion, contraction, and deflection.


Booth 2415

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Remote monitoring solutions

EAGLEi remote monitoring solutions from Phoenix Contact and EAGLEi LLC provide a way to cost-effectively collect data from distributed assets without the large capital investment of a traditional SCADA system. No software purchases or maintaining of data servers is required.

Phoenix Contact

Booth 4420

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SCADA software

AVEVA is a global leader in engineering and industrial software driving digital transformation across the entire asset and operational life cycle of the water and wastewater industry. Our solutions include the industry’s most popular SCADA, mobile workforce enablement and asset performance solutions, as well as advanced water network simulation tools.


Booth 1003

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