Tadiran Batteries

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2001 Marcus Ave., Suite 125E
Lake Success, NY

Tadiran Batteries
A worldwide leader in lithium battery technology, Tadiran manufactures a complete line of primary lithium thionyl chloride batteries, including iXtra Series, XOL Series, PulsesPlus™ batteries for high current-pulse applications, TRR Series batteries for medium current pulses,TLM Series high-energy lithium metal oxide batteries for high rate military, aerospace and medical applications, and TLI Series rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Tadiran batteries are available in numerous cylindrical and coin-sized configurations, custom battery packs and assemblies. Extended temperature models are also available that can withstand high temperatures (125°C) as well as frigid temperatures associated with the cold chain (-80° C).

Tadiran offers proven technology that is designed for maximum safety and incredibly long-life of up to 40 years, validated by batteries still in operation after 28+ years. The longevity of Tadiran batteries is due to extremely low self-discharge (less than 1% per year) which results from a combination of the chemistry utilized, bobbin-type construction, and proprietary manufacting techniques that result in enhanced product quality and reliability. To learn more about Tadiran primary lithium batteries, visit our website: www.tadiranbat.com