Fracta Inc.

Fracta is a Redwood City, California technology company. The Fracta team is multicultural and multidisciplinary with backgrounds in machine learning, data science, advanced mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science and geographical information systems. They have a passion for using artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer big, important questions about aging infrastructure such as, “which drinking water distribution mains are most likely to fail?"

Fracta’s flagship offering is a cloud-based solution that uses artificial intelligence - machine learning to assess the condition of drinking water distribution mains. Fracta calculates and visualizes the Likelihood of Failure (LoF) for every water main pipe segment. The LoF score represents the mathematical probability of pipe failure, enabling community water system utilities to make better pipe replacement decisions. Fracta’s objective, big data-driven method is fast, accurate and affordable when compared to other desktop and physical condition assessment methods.

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