Karl King

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Principal Scientist
Karl King, Principal Scientist, has worked at Hach Company, Loveland CO for the past three years on algorithm development for water security monitoring. Prior to that, Mr. King worked for 32 years at Great Lakes Instruments Inc., Milwaukee WI where he developed and patented a wide range of sensors including differential pH and modulated 4-beam turbidity sensors. Mr. King also worked on software algorithms, and managed the Development Engineering department. Mr. King worked for AC Electronics Corp. Oak Creek WI doing performance analysis of Kalman Filter-based inertial navigators. Mr. King is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Karl has run numerous marathons and ultra-marathons, and served for four years as Race Director for the world's largest 50 mile trail ultra-marathon, the Ice Age Trail 50 Mile Run.
Mr. King can be reached at Kking@hach.com