Erik J. Meyers

Vice President, Sustainable Programs

Erik J. Meyers is Vice President, Sustainable Programs, for The Conservation Fund. A top-rated national charitable organization, The Conservation Fund pursues a unique mission of environmental protection and sustainable economic and community development. As a member of the Fund’s Management Team, Meyers leads its programs that advance economic and community development, increase conservation leadership, and provide mitigation services, business sustainability guidance, strategic conservation and development planning. Outside of the Fund, Meyers serves as a Board member and vice president of the non-profit Clean Water America Alliance. He is a member the Urban Water Sustainability Council, National Conservation Leadership Institute board, and the editorial board of the National Wetlands Newsletter. He has chaired the US EPA National Advisory Council on Environmental Policy and Technology and served as a member of its Subcommittee on Promoting Environmental Stewardship. He also served as chairman of Earth Share, the national coalition of environmental charities, and the American National Standards Institute’s Environmental Management Systems Council, the US accreditation body for ISO 14001 registrars.