Henry Albro

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Senior Application Engineer

Henry Albro is a Senior Sales and Application Engineer for F.R. Mahony & Associates, Inc., Rockland, MA. He is also the inventor and founder of Bal-Last Interlocking Ballast Systems, Inc.

He has an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering from Vermont Technical College, holds a Grade 7C MA Wastewater Operator license and NEWEA Grade 4 Collection System license.

He has over 40 years of experience in municipal operation and construction of wastewater facilities. The last 17 years have been deeply focused on design, sales, construction, training and service of pressure sewer systems. In that capacity he has collaborated on recent updates to NEIWPCC TR-16 Guide standards as well as assisting New Hampshire DES with rule changes for pressure sewer systems.

Henry is a past President and member of MWPCA. He is a past NEWEA State Director, member of the 5S Society, NHWPCA, Green Mountain WEA and NEWEA Membership Committee.