David Gutierrez, P.E., G.E

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Civil and Geotechnical Engineer

David Gutierrez, P.E., G.E. is a California-registered Civil and Geotechnical Engineer in GEI’s Sacramento, California office. During his 37-year career, David has established himself as an expert in water management and dam safety, and has created and led some of the most complex water management programs within the State of California for its Department of Water Resources. David has worked with cities, counties, public works agencies, water and flood control agencies, attorneys, the California Legislature, United States Congress, State of California’s Governor’s Office, federal agencies, and other entities on a variety of water resources-related projects. David was formerly the Chief of Division of Safety of Dams and Program Manager for the Groundwater Sustainability Program within the Department of Water Resources. He has worked for the department in several capacities over the past 35 years including Chief of the Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD), Deputy Director for Public Safety, and Deputy Director for Business Operations. As Chief of DSOD he oversees the regulation of over 1,250 dams in California and as Deputy Director of Public Safety, he oversaw the development of the FloodSAFE California Program. David has served on the Board of Directors for the Association of State Dam Safety Officials and served as president of the organization. He is a member of the National Dam Safety Review Board and the Strong Motion Instrumentation Advisory Committee of the California Division of Mines and Geology. David is also currently assisting the state of California on addressing potential solutions for the Oroville Dam.