Scott Aitken

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Managing Director

Scott Aitken is the Managing Director of Black & Veatch Water Europe. As architect of the company's consult-deliver-manage capability – which enables the business to support any point in the life-cycle of clients' assets – he oversees Water Europe's professional services, design-build and asset management offerings. Technology and innovation are at the core of Scott's vision for Black & Veatch Europe. This means understanding what technologies are available, and looking at new, innovative ways to utilise and integrate them to meet clients’ needs; this puts Black & Veatch at the forefront of helping clients transfer seamlessly from the analogue to digital age. Scott has been with Black & Veatch since 2014. He has more than 30 years European water market experience; and is also familiar with the energy sector having created and directed a renewables start-up - and guiding the development of Black & Veatch's energy presence in the UK. Scott works from Black & Veatch's Redhill and Glasgow offices.