Dave Commons

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Water Reclamation Facility Administrator

Dave N. Commons has more than 30 years of wastewater operational experience and more than 18 years of water operational experience. He is the Water Reclamation Facility Administrator for the City of North Las Vegas (NV) and has worked for the City of North Las Vegas for five years.. Prior to joining the City of North Las Vegas, he held the position of Wastewater System Manager for the City of Riverside (CA), Water Operations Manager for the City of Redlands Municipal Utilities Department (CA), and Field Operations Division Manager for the Sarasota County Utilities Department (FL). He holds Associate of .Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Antioch Baptist Bible College and Master of Divinity and Master of Religious Education degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds a Nevada Grade IV Wastewater Operator certification, a California Grade V Wastewater Operator certification, and a Grade I Georgia Wastewater certificate. He was instrumental in the design of MBR facilities with the Cities of Corona and Redlands; and the construction, start-up, and long-term operations of the City of Redlands 6 MGD MBR facility and the City of North Las Vegas 25 MGD MBR facility. He has been involved with MBR technology since 1998. He is a member of the WEF Quarter Century Operators Club and a recipient of the William D. Hatfield Award.