Monitoring and Management of Red Tide & HABs Conference

Nov 10th, 2013Nov 11th, 2013


Welcome to the Monitoring and Management of Red Tide & HABs Conference - understanding and managing an emerging threat to public health and coastal resources in the Middle East, a dedicated conference to address red tides and harmful algal blooms (HABs), providing a unique opportunity to meet with international experts to learn about these phenomena and to discuss management strategies that can reduce their diverse and significant impacts on public health, fisheries resources (wild and aquaculture), ecosystem and coral reef health, tourism, coastal development, and the safety and security of water supplies.

The overall goal of the conference is to provide a broad scale of information on HABs and the monitoring and management strategies that are used globally to reduce their impacts. With proper understanding of these phenomena and access to resources and expert guidance, cities, towns, companies, and the general public can use and enjoy coastal waters in areas where HABs occur or might occur, thereby protecting public health and economic vitality. Another goal of the conference is to facilitate a safe and sustainable seafood supply by developing fisheries and aquaculture management strategies to minimize the impacts of HABs. Overall, the conference will provide information and guidance so that coastal managers and policy makers can consider HABs in their decision-making processes at local and regional levels.

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